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Market Research Analyst – What he does and the job market in the area

Companies need to have broad visibility in their field of activity. Hence the importance of a market research analyst.
There is a lack of this service in many companies, where more and more, there is a need to attract this specialist in order to bring improvements to the sector.
This professional will be responsible for carrying out more detailed market research. By carrying out this task, it will be possible to set goals to resolve any impasses and thus launch new suggestions to add more value to institutional goods or services.

Necessary training

One of the prerequisites is to have a degree in Marketing. But graduation is not enough. You must have a specialization in market research.
Another aspect of demand is the command of languages, as it is important to have notions about foreign companies, which also carry out market research.
Improvement courses in this area are also welcome to further improve the activities that will be performed. Seeking additional training is essential to efficiently develop the functions inherent to the position.

Activities performed

  • Programming and formation of questions for research purposes;
  • Methodological and sampling demarcations;
  • Study of results;
  • Realization of occurrences;
  • Execution of negotiation tactics.

Labor market

There is an immense demand here in Brazil for a market research professional. Mainly by private companies and subsidiaries of foreign companies.
So, the more companies there are in a city, the greater the field of action of this professional.

Required skills

  • Concentration;
  • Ease of dealing with the public;
  • Science in the area of ​​statistics (fundamental)
  • Ability to develop strategic plans;
  • Sense of organization;
  • Be judicious with the required analyses;
  • Discernment to decide the right choice for a given company;
  • Domain in foreign languages;
  • Responsibility and commitment;
  • Creative and thoughtful.

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