Accessory installer installer - Salary and Career
Assemblers of machines, devices and accessories on assembly lines

Accessory installer installer - Career description, activities, functions and salary

They assemble parts for machines and devices and accessories on an assembly line. Organize the site and review work instructions. They do preventive maintenance on tools. They manufacture and specify assembly parts. They assemble machines and electronic devices. They fill in reports, notes, requisitions and technical reports.

How much does an Accessory installer installer earn

A Accessory installer installer earns between $1.269 and $3.270 per month, with an average monthly salary of $1.759 and a median salary of $1.626 according to an salary survey along with to data of professionals hired and fired by companies in the labor market.

Our research is based on the salaries of 28.127 professionals hired and dismissed by the period from 06/2021 to 05/2022 (last year).

Salary ranges for the Accessory installer installer

Monthly Salary Annual Salary Salary Per Week Hourly Salary
Average wage 1.759 21.111 440 8
1º Quartile 1.269 15.224 317 6
Median Salary 1.626 19.515 407 7
3º Quartile 2.494 29.923 623 11
Higher Salary 3.270 39.236 817 15

Professional job categories

  • Workers in the production of industrial goods and services
    • metal and composite transformation workers
      • assemblers of machines and mechanical devices
        • assemblers of machines, devices and accessories on assembly lines

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Main workplaces

Assemblers of machines, devices and accessories on assembly lines they operate in sectors related to the manufacture of machinery, electrical equipment and materials and of office machines and computer equipment. They work with a formal contract and organize themselves into teams in permanently supervised work stations. They work in closed environments and work in shifts. In some activities they may be exposed to toxic materials, intense noise and high temperatures.

What does it take to work in the field of Assemblers of machines, devices and accessories on assembly lines

The minimum schooling for access is incomplete high school, followed by a basic professional qualification course of up to two hundred class hours. The full development of activities requires experience of one to two years in the area.

Functions and activities of Accessory installer installer

Assemblers of machines, devices and accessories on assembly lines must:

  • assembling parts for machines and electronic appliances;
  • perform preventive maintenance on tools;
  • mount machines and electronic devices;
  • write documents;
  • demonstrate personal skills;
  • making parts;
  • specify assembly parts;
  • assemble machines and electronic devices;
  • assembling parts for machines and electronic devices;
  • review the work instruction;
  • make pieces;
  • assembling machines and electronic devices;
  • review work instruction;
  • make parts;
  • making parts;
  • organize workplace;
  • draw documents;
  • specify mounting parts;

  • Activities

    • complete daily operational report;
    • show agility and attention;
    • check standard sheet cut;
    • check work material at the station;
    • demonstrate personal hygiene;
    • follow inspection checklist;
    • demonstrate organization and discipline;
    • check part color;
    • attach plate and motor to the iron plate;
    • demonstrate manual dexterity;
    • fill in requisition of consumables;
    • send to assembly line;
    • check plastic injection faults;
    • rust antirust on tools;
    • arrange tools in appropriate places;
    • review assembly of parts and accessories;
    • check if the sheet is oxidized;
    • check part code;
    • check for dirt;
    • check parts code;
    • connect motor wiring on board;
    • fill out a traceability note for defective parts;
    • fitting accessories;
    • check if the instruction complies with the operation;
    • pressing the part;
    • fill in the rejected material note;
    • use personal protective equipment;
    • inserting wires and components into the pci/pcb;
    • fill out machine anomaly report;
    • test the operation of the boards;
    • check the consistency of the visual aid with the operation;
    • fix boards to cabinets;
    • check the pressure of machines and tools;
    • check the type of material used in its manufacture;
    • check the pattern of the piece;
    • send part for next operation;
    • clean workplace;
    • lubricate machines and tools;
    • send for assembly review;
    • follow the procedure to qualify the operation;
    • check if the sheet is dented;
    • check the clarity of the visual aid with the operation;
    • screw the power supply to the machine and/or device;
    • check anti-static equipment;
    • welding wires and components;
    • read work instruction;
    • connect the power cable of the machine and/or device;
    • clean machines and/or tools;
    • study the equipment assembly process;
    • check if the station is supplied with parts;
    • check part size and preform;
    • fill out technical report of tool defect;
    • check tool calibration;

    Sectors that hire Accessory installer installer the most in the job market

    • temporary labor lease
    • manufacture of other parts and accessories for motor vehicles
    • assembly of metal structures
    • retail trade of new parts and accessories for motor vehicles
    • manufacture of electrical and electronic material for motor vehicles
    • manufacture of trucks and buses
    • manufacture of valves, dampers and similar devices, parts and accessories
    • manufacture of machinery and equipment for agriculture and livestock, parts and accessories
    • packing and packaging under contract
    • manufacture of other general purpose machinery and equipment, parts and accessories

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