Butler of events - Salary and Career
Service workers in food, beverage and hospitality establishments

Butler of events - Career description, activities, functions and salary

They serve customers, serve food and drinks in restaurants, bars, coffee shops, hotels, hospitals, events, etc. They handle food and prepare juices, drinks, and coffees. They provide wine and coffee services.

How much does an Butler of events earn

A Butler of events earns between $1.125 and $2.443 per month, with an average monthly salary of $1.397 and a median salary of $1.290 according to an Averwage.com salary survey along with to data of professionals hired and fired by companies in the labor market.

Our research is based on the salaries of 78.310 professionals hired and dismissed by the period from 06/2021 to 05/2022 (last year).

Salary ranges for the Butler of events

Monthly Salary Annual Salary Salary Per Week Hourly Salary
Average wage 1.397 16.760 349 7
1º Quartile 1.125 13.497 281 5
Median Salary 1.290 15.475 322 6
3º Quartile 1.863 22.359 466 9
Higher Salary 2.443 29.318 611 12

Professional job categories

  • Service workers, trade sellers in stores and markets
    • service workers
      • hospitality and food service workers
        • service workers in food, beverage and hospitality establishments

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Main workplaces

Service workers in food, beverage and hospitality establishments workers in these occupations usually have a salaried job, with a formal contract or, eventually, work as self-employed with a commission. They operate predominantly in the field of activities related to hotels, food, health, social services and recreational, cultural and sports activities. They work as a team, indoors, with shifts and occasional supervision. Some of the activities can be performed under pressure, in uncomfortable positions for long periods and with exposure to intense noise, which can lead to stress. Eventually, in hospitals, they may be exposed to radiation.

What does it take to work in the field of Service workers in food, beverage and hospitality establishments

For access to work in this occupational family, at least incomplete elementary education and up to one year of experience are required. Vocational training takes place through practice in the workplace or in vocational courses. The worker has the possibility to advance in the career, starting as a helper or assistant, and can reach the occupation of maître d' (occupational family 5101). The wine waiter and barista, for whom high school education is required, need one to two years of specialization and experience. The labor market tends to increase the demand for the level of qualification and professionalization of these workers.

Functions and activities of Butler of events

Service workers in food, beverage and hospitality establishments must:

  • disassemble square;
  • organize work;
  • customer service;
  • prepare food and drinks (appetizers, salads, drinks etc);
  • assemble the square, cart, table, counter, bar;
  • preparing food and drinks (starters, salads, drinks etc);
  • service customer;
  • organize the work;
  • dismantle square;
  • organizing work;
  • assembling square, cart, table, counter, bar;
  • prepare food and drinks (appetizers, salads, drinks etc);
  • square, cart, table, counter, bar;
  • disassembly square;
  • prepare food and drinks (starters, salads, drinks etc);
  • serve the customer;
  • assemble square, cart, table, counter, bar;
  • disassemble the square;
  • montar pra�a, cart, table, balcon, bar;
  • serve customer;
  • service customer;
  • mount square, cart, table, counter, bar;
  • organizing the work;
  • perform wine service;
  • montar pra�a, cart, table, counter, bar;
  • extract coffee;
  • set up the square, cart, table, counter, bar;
  • demonstrate personal skills;
  • sanitize utensils and equipment;
  • assembling pra�a, cart, table, counter, bar;

  • Activities

    • accompany the customer at the table;
    • demonstrate cordiality;
    • take order;
    • mount cart;
    • participate in contests;
    • observe the presentation of the dishes;
    • customer complaint service;
    • flamm desserts, dishes and drinks;
    • bring account;
    • match coffee with food;
    • question the customer's preferences;
    • controlling access;
    • prepare ice cream, 'milk shakes' and chantilly;
    • receive customer;
    • heating food;
    • defrost food;
    • select utensils according to brewing method;
    • bring cover charge;
    • replace stain covers;
    • prepare drinks and coffee-based drinks ;
    • clean silverware;
    • disassemble tables;
    • check work material (utensils and equipment);
    • regular mill;
    • controlling food and beverage expiration dates;
    • operate coffee machine;
    • observe compliance with health regulations;
    • update wine list;
    • heating food;
    • serve coffee;
    • remove food scraps;
    • follow health rules and procedures;
    • assemble the table, tray, counter and bar;
    • dose coffee;
    • check food and beverage stock;
    • prepare ice creams, 'milk shakes' and chantilly;
    • crap fish;
    • prepare salads;
    • counting the number of couverts and meals served;
    • check account;
    • discriminate tastes, odors and colors;
    • controlling people access;
    • inform expected waiting time;
    • serve tray;
    • inventory the material (crockery, silverware, tableware);
    • give suggestions;
    • prepare probes;
    • steam milk;
    • disassemble cart;
    • save products;
    • position table for the patient;
    • finish drink (latte art and graphics);
    • fold napkins;
    • improve the table linen (towel, napkin, etc.) );
    • deliver menu;
    • replace ashtrays;
    • prepare fruits;
    • organize support structure (assemble mise-en- place);
    • provide ice;
    • roast coffee;
    • wash utensils;
    • clean counter and bench;
    • serve drinks;
    • slicing meat (barbecue);
    • serve cigars;
    • prepare 'sorbets' and 'amuse- gueules';
    • accommodate customer;
    • try coffee;
    • serve wine;
    • calibrate coffee machine (adjust temperature and pressure);
    • elaborate wine list;
    • change wines and glasses according to the chosen menu;
    • check diet;
    • demonstrate a sense of responsibility;
    • cutting fruit for decoration;
    • receive accounts;
    • demonstrate emotional balance;
    • prepare cocktails, drinks, appetizers;
    • display wine list;
    • keep attentive;
    • remove dishes and silverware from the washing machine;
    • inventory consumed drinks;
    • replenish drinks in general;
    • observe workplace safety;
    • serve tea, liqueurs and digestives;
    • prepare juices;
    • clean the floor;
    • forward orders to kitchen and bar;
    • prepare coffee;
    • compatize wines and food;
    • remove dishes and silver from the washing machine;
    • demonstrate creativity;
    • put crockery and/or silverware in the washing machine;
    • work as a team;
    • inspect winery;
    • observe the cooking point of food;
    • map table for delivery of dishes;
    • decant the wine;
    • clean counter and countertop;
    • elaborate coffee letter;
    • create coffee drinks and drinks;
    • select products (cleaning and others);
    • strike fish;
    • receive customer;
    • demonstrate proactiveness;
    • assemble disposable kits (napkins, cutlery, salt );
    • present wine to customer;
    • compress coffee;
    • taste wines;
    • select food and drinks;
    • dry dishes and/or silverware;
    • lining the tray;
    • receive bills;
    • clean trays and cart;
    • decorating table;
    • listen carefully (know how to listen);
    • replace sideboards and drawers;
    • check quantity and availability of products;
    • make a 'r�chaud' service;
    • operate mill;
    • clear the space;
    • control people's access;
    • sterilize instruments and materials;
    • explain coffee preparation methods;
    • serve cheeses;
    • dismantle the buffet;
    • manage the purchase and receipt of wines;
    • serve desserts;
    • check order before serving;
    • open bottle;
    • demonstrate proactivity;
    • ordering utensils, equipment and cleaning products;
    • work as a team;
    • prepare �couvert�;
    • overcoming adverse situations;
    • show cork to customer;
    • clean counter and countertop;
    • control leftovers and losses;
    • serve appetizers;
    • prepare coffee tasting;
    • place drinks to freeze;
    • deal with stress;
    • organize coffee tasting;
    • manage the flow of dishes between kitchen and tables;
    • controlling food and beverage expiration dates and expiration dates;
    • check work order;
    • prepare canap�s";
    • forward table trousseau to laundry;
    • separate garbage;
    • demonstrate organizational skills;
    • elaborate wine list;
    • measure wine service temperature;
    • grow drinks, cocktails and dishes;
    • prepare sandwiches;
    • describe drinks and coffee drinks;
    • describe types of coffee beans (growing region, flavor characteristics, roasting and taste);
    • collect crockery, cutlery, glasses and trays;
    • assembling disposable kits (napkins, cutlery, salt );
    • store crockery, glasses and silverware;
    • dispose of garbage;
    • clean table;
    • follow sanitary rules and procedures;
    • take towels;
    • deliver menu;
    • prepare ice cream, �milk shakes� and chantilly;
    • complete buffet;
    • prepare ice creams, �milk shakes� and chantilly;
    • select cups;
    • replace support material (m�nage);
    • make portions to go;
    • demonstrate dynamism;
    • assemble showcase and shelf;
    • select cutlery;
    • describe dishes and products offered;
    • elaborate coffee blend;
    • choose tableware;
    • demonstrate discretion;
    • clean equipment;
    • provide customer information;
    • check the reserve list;
    • serve dishes;

    Sectors that hire Butler of events the most in the job market

    • restaurants and similar
    • supplying prepared foods mainly for businesses
    • hotels
    • cleaning in buildings and households
    • snack bars, tea houses, juice houses and the like
    • resale predominant bakery and confectionery
    • hospital care activities
    • combined office and administrative support services
    • temporary labor lease
    • supply and management of human resources for third parties

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