Cangueiro - ox cart - Salary and Career
Animal and animal and pedal-drawn vehicle drivers

Cangueiro - ox cart - Career description, activities, functions and salary

They organize and lead the entourage and cook for their members. They transport and harness animals and guide the herd. They take care of the animals and perform maintenance on the vehicles. They drive vehicles (carriage, cart, bicycle) and transport people, goods and materials. They work following safety, hygiene, quality and environmental standards.

How much does an Cangueiro - ox cart earn

A Cangueiro - ox cart earns between $1.186 and $2.731 per month, with an average monthly salary of $1.569 and a median salary of $1.530 according to an salary survey along with to data of professionals hired and fired by companies in the labor market.

Our research is based on the salaries of 56 professionals hired and dismissed by the period from 06/2021 to 05/2022 (last year).

Salary ranges for the Cangueiro - ox cart

Monthly Salary Annual Salary Salary Per Week Hourly Salary
Average wage 1.569 18.825 392 7
1º Quartile 1.186 14.235 297 5
Median Salary 1.530 18.360 383 7
3º Quartile 2.083 24.998 521 10
Higher Salary 2.731 32.778 683 12

Professional job categories

  • Workers in the production of industrial goods and services
    • cross function workers
      • vehicle drivers and operators of lifting and cargo handling equipment
        • animal and animal and pedal-drawn vehicle drivers

Related Positions:

Main workplaces

Animal and animal and pedal-drawn vehicle drivers they operate in agriculture and livestock, in land transport services, in cultural and sporting activities and in retail trade. They are employees with a formal contract, self-employed or self-employed. Vehicle drivers (animal and pedal traction) work individually, cattle drivers and drovers work as a team. They carry out their activities without supervision, in the open and during the day or by rotating shifts (cattlemen and drovers). The driver of animal-drawn vehicles works at irregular hours. The pedal vehicle driver works under pressure and exposed to intense noise, which can lead to stress situation.

What does it take to work in the field of Animal and animal and pedal-drawn vehicle drivers

For the exercise of these occupations there is no requirement of formal schooling or professional qualification course. The full performance of activities occurs with up to one year of professional practice at the job.

Functions and activities of Cangueiro - ox cart

Animal and animal and pedal-drawn vehicle drivers must:

  • cooking for entourage members;
  • care for the maintenance of the animal and vehicle;
  • cooking for members of the entourage;
  • lead the cattle;
  • demonstrate personal skills;
  • driving vehicle (carriage, cart, bicycle);
  • arresar animals;
  • drive a vehicle (carriage, cart, bicycle);
  • loading animals;
  • drive vehicle (carriage, cart, bicycle);
  • lead the entourage;
  • arrear animals;
  • organize entourage;
  • care for animal and vehicle maintenance;
  • guiding the cattle;
  • transport animals;
  • transporting animals;
  • guide the cattle;
  • transport people, goods and materials;
  • harnessing animals;
  • caring for the maintenance of the animal and vehicle;
  • transporting people, goods and materials;
  • arresar animal;

  • Activities

    • determine closing time;
    • check paint;
    • provide a ramp;
    • distribute animals in the transport vehicle;
    • check woodwork and hardware;
    • pay the value of the ox in case of loss of the animal;
    • examine seal, crossbar and hoses;
    • arrange for examination of the animal by a veterinarian;
    • helping tourists to get on the carriage;
    • change tires;
    • arrange for an examination of the animal by a veterinarian;
    • demonstrate ability in handling animals;
    • dress properly;
    • check the head (eye patch, forehead, muzzle, cachaceira, choke);
    • adjust the harness according to the size of the animal;
    • check tires, wheel, bearings and brakes;
    • to be responsible for the cattle in the absence of the head of the delegation;
    • demonstrate skill in driving vehicles and animals;
    • keep informed about tourist attractions and routes;
    • request a receipt when the ox cannot accompany the entourage;
    • adjust the harnesses according to the size of the animal;
    • attach header to animals;
    • ride animals;
    • loading a cart or bicycle;
    • train animal;
    • prepare the animal's hoof (casquear);
    • use halters;
    • providing return of personnel and troops to their place of origin;
    • check reins, tips, toe caps and buckles;
    • relate with tourists;
    • pay rent for the entourage landing place;
    • participate in a tourism course (tour guide);
    • photographing passengers;
    • withstand long rides on horseback;
    • care for the sides of the cattle;
    • storing bags for pedestrians;
    • use a suitable vehicle for transporting the animal;
    • adjusting the brush in the kennel;
    • characterize yourself as characters;
    • return animal at work;
    • check vehicle condition;
    • examine belly, silas and flankles;
    • cangar animals;
    • determine the time of release of the cattle;
    • contract services for crossing large rivers;
    • animal tanger with sting rod;
    • use personal protective equipment;
    • preparing food;
    • communicate with the animal;
    • report sights;
    • direct the herd to the destination;
    • gather herd in case of overflow;
    • delivering basic veterinary treatment;
    • animal bathing;
    • specify pawn roles;
    • horse shoe;
    • check yoke, canzil, brush, camb�o and squeeze;
    • adapt to animal and vehicle conditions;
    • preserve freighter harnessing gear;
    • determine the time of grazing the cattle;
    • enforce entourage kitchen rules;
    • contract freight;
    • remove the mark from the ox in case of death of the animal;
    • shave the animal's mane;
    • signal entourage when traveling on highways;
    • distribute tasks to pedestrians to control the herd overflow;
    • waxing harnesses;
    • dispose of containers with food in an appropriate place;
    • check bit or bridle;
    • behave with respect;
    • check the bit or bridle;
    • dominate animal;
    • respect traffic laws;
    • placing bassinet;
    • cleaning the kitchen;
    • tie up boxes to be transported;
    • transport pawns and troops to the entourage's departure location;
    • demonstrate initiative in adverse situations;
    • maintain tools and spare parts;
    • coordinate the work of pedestrians;
    • drive an animal preventing it from stepping in a dangerous place;
    • animal feeding;
    • distribute troop animals to pawns;
    • check outriggers or flankers;
    • brush the animal's fur;
    • use rear view;
    • conserving kitchen equipment and supplies;
    • laying oxen;
    • license vehicle when required;
    • respect people's individuality;
    • demonstrate sensitivity in handling the animal;
    • train animal;
    • restricting excess passengers;
    • play horn;
    • deliver complete herd to the destination;
    • check reins, tips, toes and buckles;
    • enable to drive the vehicle when required;
    • prepare round in case of not reaching landing (stop location);
    • taking care of the safety of people, goods and materials transported;
    • communicate with different audiences;
    • organize herd for landing;
    • set final payment of pawns;
    • buy groceries;
    • hire pawns;
    • check upholstery, curtains and hood;
    • brush the pet's fur;
    • observe the animal's physical condition;
    • disarray the animals of the troop under your responsibility;
    • adapt the car to the conditions of use;
    • care for the troop animals;
    • turn animal at work;
    • deliver the clean kitchen to the head of the entourage;
    • loading and unloading goods from the bicycle basket;
    • harnessing troop animals under your responsibility;
    • check rennet or breastplate;
    • count cattle;
    • demonstrate politeness and responsibility;
    • feed animal;
    • check straps or tip;
    • putting a halter or halter;
    • receive kitchen, groceries and luggage from pedestrians to be transported;

    Sectors that hire Cangueiro - ox cart the most in the job market

    • breeding cattle for beef
    • sugar cane cultivation
    • soybean growing
    • retailer of live animals and pet food and supplies
    • driverless car rental
    • social, sports and similar clubs
    • retailer of veterinary medicines
    • timbering in planted forests
    • open television activities
    • coffee growing

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