Car appraiser - Salary and Career
Auctioneers and Appraisers

Car appraiser - Career description, activities, functions and salary

Capture, evaluate, officialize, disclose, manage and organize auctions of movable and immovable assets, new or used and immovable. They issue technical and commercial opinions on the goods to be auctioned or sold.

How much does an Car appraiser earn

A Car appraiser earns between $1.234 and $3.835 per month, with an average monthly salary of $1.861 and a median salary of $1.557 according to an salary survey along with to data of professionals hired and fired by companies in the labor market.

Our research is based on the salaries of 1.229 professionals hired and dismissed by the period from 06/2021 to 05/2022 (last year).

Salary ranges for the Car appraiser

Monthly Salary Annual Salary Salary Per Week Hourly Salary
Average wage 1.861 22.330 465 9
1º Quartile 1.234 14.805 308 6
Median Salary 1.557 18.684 389 7
3º Quartile 2.925 35.096 731 14
Higher Salary 3.835 46.020 959 18

Professional job categories

  • Middle level technicians
    • medium level technicians in administrative sciences
      • middle level technicians in business operations
        • auctioneers and appraisers

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Main workplaces

Auctioneers and Appraisers they provide services to people, public and private institutions. They work in real estate, mineral extraction, business and artistic activities, and auctions can be carried out for industries, commerce or services. They work in companies or on their own, in a team and, occasionally, with supervision. The workplace varies from indoors to outdoors or in vehicles and hours are often irregular. They can work in uncomfortable positions for long periods and under pressure. In some situations, the appraiser of movable property is exposed to toxic materials and radiation and the auctioneer to aggression from people during the auction.

What does it take to work in the field of Auctioneers and Appraisers

Professional practice is open to Brazilians over twenty-five years of age who meet the requirements of specific legislation. Workers who perform these occupations have varied education. In general, they complement their training with courses whose duration varies between two hundred and four hundred hours.

Functions and activities of Car appraiser

Auctioneers and Appraisers must:

  • evaluate movables, immovables and semovables;
  • organize auctions of movables, real estate and semovables;
  • store goods;
  • evaluate movable assets, real estate and semovables;
  • store assets;
  • evaluate movable, immovable and semovable assets;
  • captar auctions of movables, immovables and semovables;
  • disclose auctions of movable, real estate and semovables;
  • capture auctions of movables, real estate and semovables;
  • organize movable, immovable and semovable property auctions;
  • capture auctions of movables, immovables and semovables;
  • valuing movables, immovables and semovables;
  • evaluate movable, immovable and immovable property;
  • evaluate movables, real estate and semovables;
  • evaluate movable assets;
  • evaluate movable, real estate and semovable assets;
  • organize movable, real estate and semovables auctions;
  • officialize auctions and technical opinions;
  • organize auctions of movable, real estate and semovables;
  • disclose movable goods auctions;
  • captar auctions of movable, real estate and semovable goods;
  • disclose movable property auctions;
  • captar auctions of movable, real estate and semovables;
  • evaluate movable assets, real estate and immovables;
  • capture movable goods auctions;
  • demonstrate personal skills;
  • disclose auctions of movables, real estate and semovables;
  • organize auctions of movable, immovable and semovable goods;
  • manage auctions;
  • disclosure of movable, real estate and semovables auctions;
  • captar auctions of movables, real estate and semovables;

  • Activities

    • receive payments for auctioned goods;
    • demonstrate auditory and visual acuity;
    • elaborate inspection report;
    • issue provisional receipt;
    • demonstrate persuasiveness;
    • issue commercial report;
    • measure prices with the market;
    • check the documentation of the assets;
    • search the market;
    • issue sales notes to buyers;
    • determine location of custody of assets;
    • send direct mail;
    • ensure guard and security of movable property;
    • determine place of custody of goods;
    • demonstrate public speaking skills;
    • exhibit insight;
    • offer lots;
    • register entry and exit of goods in proper books;
    • declare sold to the highest bidder;
    • consult sales history;
    • require compliance with the conditions of sale;
    • report the auction to the buyer-seller client;
    • introduce the auction conditions and rules to the public;
    • provide documentation according to the rules of organs inspection bodies;
    • arrange for transportation of goods;
    • make information about auctions available in the media;
    • collect information with the property's vicinity;
    • check the origin of the goods;
    • create the goods entry order;
    • register evidence of the appraised property;
    • elaborate sales catalogue;
    • describe the lots;
    • communicate auctions to trade unions;
    • give publicity to auctions;
    • separate lots;
    • examine authenticity of property through tests and evidence;
    • close service agreements;
    • discriminate assets;
    • determine storage ways;
    • check prices with the market;
    • publish auction notices in accordance with the law;
    • pre-evaluate auction viability;
    • move inventory;
    • hire support staff;
    • suggest price of goods;
    • create the order of entry of goods;
    • consult price lists related to goods;
    • demonstrate agility of reasoning;
    • collect information about the property's vicinity;
    • capture future customer-seller;
    • disclose the conditions of sale of the auction;
    • maintain website;
    • pay fees and charges;
    • hire logistical support for the event;
    • photographing and filming valued assets;
    • communicate the auction to official bodies;
    • demonstrate ability to extract information;
    • quantify lots;
    • inspect assets to be auctioned;
    • demonstrate notions of financial calculation;
    • demonstrate skill in dealing with the public;
    • provide guidance and information to interested parties;
    • prepare the final auction report;
    • show proposal portfolio;
    • evaluate location and geographical position of real estate;
    • analyze the origin, characteristics and condition of the goods;
    • deliver the goods;
    • prepare the enclosure;
    • examine authenticity of goods through tests and evidence;
    • evaluate land occupation trends around the property;
    • exhibit the lots;
    • require bail from the bidder;
    • capture bids;
    • evaluate the target audience;
    • analyze the origin, characteristics and condition of the assets;
    • exhibit lots;
    • computerize operations;
    • obtain an authorization letter from the selling investor;
    • exhibit disinhibition;
    • set the place and date of the auction;
    • identify lots;
    • pre-assess auction viability;
    • control reception and storage of goods;
    • write auction regulations;
    • evaluate location and geographic position of real estate;
    • convey credibility to the public;
    • show disinhibition;
    • issue technical report;
    • demonstrate basic knowledge about the products to be auctioned;
    • issue sales notes;
    • propose the sale of goods at auction to the selling investor;
    • ensure the integrity of movable property;
    • report auctions to official bodies;
    • attract interested parties to the auction;
    • ensure guard and security of movable assets;

    Sectors that hire Car appraiser the most in the job market

    • retail sale of new cars, vans and utility vehicles
    • other service activities provided mainly to companies
    • retail sale of used cars, vans and utility vehicles
    • business management consulting activities
    • combined office and administrative support services
    • driverless car rental
    • trade representatives and motor vehicle trade agents
    • maintenance and mechanical repair services for motor vehicles
    • other ancillary activities of financial services
    • electrical installation and maintenance

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