Construction maintenance technician - Salary and Career
Civil construction technicians (buildings)

Construction maintenance technician - Career description, activities, functions and salary

They carry out topographic and planialtimetric surveys. They develop and legalize building projects under the supervision of a civil engineer, plan the execution, budget and provide supplies and supervise the execution of works and services. They train labor and carry out the technological control of materials and soil.

How much does an Construction maintenance technician earn

A Construction maintenance technician earns between $1.431 and $7.444 per month, with an average monthly salary of $2.965 and a median salary of $2.336 according to an salary survey along with to data of professionals hired and fired by companies in the labor market.

Our research is based on the salaries of 44.935 professionals hired and dismissed by the period from 06/2021 to 05/2022 (last year).

Salary ranges for the Construction maintenance technician

Monthly Salary Annual Salary Salary Per Week Hourly Salary
Average wage 2.965 35.575 741 14
1º Quartile 1.431 17.167 358 7
Median Salary 2.336 28.032 584 11
3º Quartile 5.677 68.126 1.419 26
Higher Salary 7.444 89.329 1.861 35

Professional job categories

  • Middle level technicians
    • middle-level technicians in the physical, chemical, engineering sciences
      • technicians in civil construction, buildings and infrastructure works
        • civil construction technicians (buildings)

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Main workplaces

Civil construction technicians (buildings) they work in the civil construction and building materials industries. They can also work in research and development laboratories, planning, budgeting, projects, management, control and execution of works. They work as a team, under occasional supervision, with a formal contract or on their own account. They work indoors or outdoors, rotating shifts. They are often subject to work at great heights, exposed to noise, toxic material and varying temperature conditions.

What does it take to work in the field of Civil construction technicians (buildings)

For the exercise of these occupations, a technical course in buildings is required, a technical course in civil construction of various modalities, at medium level, offered by professional training institutions and technical schools, with registration in crea. The full performance of activities occurs with less than one year of experience in the area.

Functions and activities of Construction maintenance technician

Civil construction technicians (buildings) must:

  • provide supplies and services;
  • supervise execution of works;
  • perform maintenance and conservation of works;
  • providing supplies and services;
  • demonstrate personal skills;
  • plan the work for the execution of civil works;
  • planning the work for execution of civil works;
  • budget works;
  • perform the maintenance and conservation of works;
  • perform topographic survey;
  • planning the civil works execution work;
  • perform maintenance and upkeep of works;
  • budgeting works;
  • sell products and services;
  • perform technological control of materials and soils;
  • training manpower;
  • perform maintenance and upkeep;
  • train the workforce;
  • training the workforce;
  • legalize projects and works;
  • plan the civil works execution work;
  • develop projects under supervision;
  • plan the work of execution of civil works;

  • Activities

    • participate in the definition of construction methods and techniques;
    • rationalize the use of materials;
    • keep up to date and informed;
    • elaborate projects for electrical, telephone and spdac installations;
    • make a technical visit for diagnosis;
    • demonstrate dynamism and creativity;
    • define the logistics;
    • compare costs;
    • negotiating prices, delivery times and payment terms for products and services;
    • perform services in accordance with hygiene, health and safety at work;
    • estimate costs;
    • control the stock and storage of materials;
    • coordinate work teams;
    • evaluate production and productivity;
    • analyze technical reports;
    • quote prices of inputs and services;
    • develop an action plan;
    • prepare quantity and cost spreadsheet;
    • ensure the organization, safety and cleanliness of the work;
    • develop projects for hydrosanitary installations;
    • surveying the existence of new technologies;
    • perform drilling services;
    • seek the industrialization of executive processes;
    • provide technical assistance;
    • require inspection approval from the competent bodies;
    • budget the service;
    • forward projects for approval by the competent bodies;
    • troubleshoot;
    • check execution and quality of services;
    • providing closure of works;
    • demonstrate business ability;
    • develop projects for air conditioning installations;
    • inspect the quality of materials and services;
    • interpret projects;
    • rationalize the construction site;
    • get a quote;
    • develop spreadsheets;
    • design structured cabling installations;
    • supervise the execution;
    • communicate;
    • making a technical visit for data collection;
    • interpret projects and technical specifications;
    • solve execution problems;
    • develop a supply schedule;
    • develop concrete structure project;
    • check stock;
    • monitor the results of the services;
    • preparing a comparative cost study;
    • act ethically;
    • developing a purchase schedule;
    • elaborate commercial proposals;
    • perform tests;
    • follow pre-established schedule;
    • write technical business documents;
    • adjust the product to market and customer needs;
    • disclose the product;
    • supervising the practical classes;
    • coordinate the sample collection and testing team;
    • evaluating the performance of the apprentice;
    • check projects;
    • check dimensions and measurements;
    • control documentation deadline;
    • operate laboratory and drilling equipment;
    • become aware of environmental issues;
    • select documents for legalization of the work;
    • collect site and customer data;
    • scaling the work team;
    • make planialtimetric survey;
    • make decisions applicable to the functions performed;
    • acting with leadership;
    • organize technical file;
    • demonstrate relationship skills;
    • make the apprentice aware of the rational use of materials, equipment and time ;
    • check responsibility;
    • develop topographic drawing;
    • use labor legislation;
    • developing didactic material;
    • rise building project quantities;
    • develop metallic structure projects;
    • compatize projects to eliminate interference;
    • locate works;
    • select suppliers;
    • develop projects for fire prevention and fighting installations;
    • elaborate architectural projects;
    • issue contracts;
    • develop plans following technical standards and specifications;
    • follow the manufacturers' instructions;
    • give first aid;
    • work as a team;
    • collect samples;
    • introduce alternative solutions;
    • do market research;
    • arrange the repair;
    • list machines, equipment and tools;
    • apply technical standards;
    • make a work log;
    • specify the materials used in the tests;
    • propose physical schedule;
    • schedule theoretical and practical activities;
    • standardize procedures;
    • control stock of test materials;
    • elaborate physical-financial schedule;
    • set training objectives;
    • quantify the materials used in the tests;
    • communicate in foreign languages;
    • composition of direct and indirect costs;
    • perform appropriation of machinery, equipment and labor;
    • supervise works;
    • perform measurements;
    • make payments on the work;
    • prepare technical reports;
    • correct non-conformities;
    • demonstrate product viability to the customer;

    Sectors that hire Construction maintenance technician the most in the job market

    • building construction
    • engineering services
    • incorporation of real estate enterprises
    • electrical installation and maintenance
    • other civil engineering works
    • building highways and railways
    • industrial assembly works
    • construction administration
    • construction of electricity distribution stations and networks
    • construction of water supply networks, sewage collection and related constructions

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