Guest relations - Salary and Career

Guest relations - Career description, activities, functions and salary

They receive and provide support services to customers, patients, guests, visitors and passengers, provide telephone service and provide information in offices, offices, hotels, hospitals, banks, airports and other establishments, arrange interviews or consultations and receive customers or visitors, their needs and direct them to the place or person they are looking for, schedule services, book (hotels and tickets) and indicate accommodations in hotels and similar establishments, observe internal security rules, check documents and suitability of customers and notify security of strange presences, close accounts and customer stays. Organize information and plan everyday work.

How much does an Guest relations earn

A Guest relations earns between $1.156 and $2.750 per month, with an average monthly salary of $1.523 and a median salary of $1.408 according to an salary survey along with to data of professionals hired and fired by companies in the labor market.

Our research is based on the salaries of 42.890 professionals hired and dismissed by the period from 06/2021 to 05/2022 (last year).

Salary ranges for the Guest relations

Monthly Salary Annual Salary Salary Per Week Hourly Salary
Average wage 1.523 18.279 381 7
1º Quartile 1.156 13.871 289 5
Median Salary 1.408 16.899 352 7
3º Quartile 2.098 25.171 524 10
Higher Salary 2.750 33.004 688 13

Professional job categories

  • Administrative services workers
    • customer service workers
      • public information workers
        • receptionists

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Main workplaces

Receptionists they work in health and social services, accommodation, hotels and food, air transport and recreational, cultural and sporting activities. They are employees with a formal contract, they work in a multidisciplinary team, indoors and at hours that vary according to occupation: daytime for health insurance receptionists, alternation of shifts for the office receptionist and the hotel receptionist and irregular hours for the receptionist , generally. The degree of autonomy also varies, with permanent supervision for the office receptionist and the hotel receptionist, with occasional supervision for the others. There is an increase in the importance of hotels in state-of-the-art hospitals. As a result, the number of employees in the reception sector tends to grow, which, in addition to being often linked to the inpatient system, increasingly assumes functions identical to those of receptionists in a five-star hotel. On the other hand, checks.

What does it take to work in the field of Receptionists

These occupations require a high school education, except for hotel receptionists and concierges who have incomplete higher education as a prerequisite. A basic qualification course of up to two hundred class hours and one to two years of professional experience is desirable for receptionists in general.

Functions and activities of Guest relations

Receptionists must:

  • daily planning;
  • observe internal safety rules;
  • observe internal security regulations;
  • observe internal safety regulations;
  • organize information to be provided;
  • observe internal security rules;
  • daily plan;
  • welcoming customers, patients, guests, visitors and passengers;
  • provide personalized service/support to guests;
  • communicate;
  • plan the daily;
  • observe internal security standards;
  • receive clients, patients, guests, visitors and passengers;
  • planning the daily life;
  • schedule services;
  • welcome clients, patients, guests, visitors and passengers;
  • close accounts and stays of clients, guests and patients;
  • provide personalized service/support to the guest;
  • welcoming clients, patients, guests, visitors and passengers;
  • provide support services to visitors, clients, guests, patients and passengers;
  • planning the daily;
  • demonstrate personal skills;
  • provide support services to visitors, customers, guests, patients and passengers;
  • respond to phone calls from visitors, guests, clients, patients and passengers;

  • Activities

    • establish contact/visual communication with the customer;
    • resume calls in case of extensions busy or unattended;
    • block apartment;
    • forward the client to the different sectors;
    • identify the physical space of the company;
    • make a �no show� charge;
    • assist guests/patients with technical information about hotel / hospital;
    • organize pouches;
    • provide general information by internal telephone and externally;
    • close master accounts;
    • enter expenses to accounts;
    • demonstrate verbal and written fluency in a foreign language;
    • send the time wake-up call;
    • listen carefully;
    • print control reports;
    • demonstrate efficiency;
    • show patience;
    • organize work materials;
    • arrange for the purchase of items/objects requested by the guests;
    • register companions;
    • maintain guest anonymity when requested;
    • propose membership of loyalty programs;
    • check the departure time of the groups;
    • check surgical hospitalization map;
    • cover information regarding the use of the safe by customers;
    • notify security about the presence of strangers;
    • check guest requests;
    • assist customers with filling of forms;
    • act with common sense;
    • provide information about the use and parking places;
    • request the valet service;
    • cover the disclosure of information about patients, guests and customers;
    • enable the advance of money to the guest through card operations;
    • transmit messages and faxes;
    • receive payments;
    • coordinate team;
    • close �pos� (point of sale) ;
    • schedule reservations / customer appointments;
    • assist in planning tourist itineraries for guests;
    • serve the customer with accurate information ;
    • check availability of beds and apartments;
    • demonstrate interest;
    • communicate in a clear, agile and objective way;
    • check the suitability of customers;
    • demonstrate initiative;
    • check admission request;
    • assist with car rentals, cell phones, vans etc.;
    • arrange to send items/objects requested by guests;
    • demonstrate proactivity;
    • close account in the system;
    • protocol documents/guest orders;
    • demonstrate ability to anticipate customer needs;
    • check the weekly schedule of events;
    • request the return of apartment keys;
    • consult the company's products and services catalog;
    • arrange for special booking requests;
    • exchange currency;
    • arrange the purchase of tickets for events in general;
    • transfer calls to extensions and apartments requested;
    • demonstrate empathy;
    • provide the keys to the apartments to the clients;
    • assist the movement of guests, customers, visitors, patients with limited mobility;
    • assist the customer with financial information ;
    • verify registration and reservation;
    • schedule reservations / client appointments;
    • transfer the guest, patient, passengers to other accommodations;
    • coordinate team;
    • schedule transfers and executive cars;
    • announce the arrival of the client;
    • admit the patient;
    • provide directions to exchange locations of coins;
    • distributing newspapers, magazines, flowers, etc.;
    • make reservation/changes/cancellation of requests in general from guests/customers;
    • update the establishment's database;
    • request the hotel's performance evaluation;
    • communicate in a clear, agile and objective manner;
    • control the entry and exit of visitors' equipment;
    • notify the nursing staff of the patient's arrival;
    • offer transportation to the client;
    • demonstrate enthusiasm;
    • demonstrate a sense of organization;
    • organizing deliveries to guests;
    • distribute pouches;
    • provide assistance to the guest in case of loss of luggage;
    • make a reservation/changes/cancellation of requests in general from guests/customers;
    • demonstrate computer skills;
    • require the guest's functional number for the visitor's entry;
    • forward the client to the various sectors;
    • notify concierge of guest arrival;
    • inform yourself about the guest(preferences, needs , habits);
    • print a list of inpatients;
    • provide information and internal regulations to the guest and patient;
    • provide weather information;
    • demonstrate mutual respect;
    • demonstrate autonomy;
    • collect main news and headlines of the day;
    • register clients, patients, guests, visitors, passengers ;
    • plan the next day;
    • confirm if the client has a frequent flyer program;
    • offer support to the guest in different eventualities;
    • show patience;
    • collect feedback on the information provided;
    • assist the guest with medical care ;
    • demonstrate team spirit;
    • pre-register the client;
    • check documents with identification;
    • circulate internal information;
    • consult a list of professionals and company department, internal extensions and external telephones;
    • consult the company's product and services catalog;
    • welcome the client and passenger;
    • make adjustments to accounts;
    • follow up guest requests;
    • ensure delivery of documents/orders to guests;
    • activate security alarm in case of robbery;
    • update account;
    • interact with other departments;
    • consult special guest requests;
    • give tourist information to guests/ passengers;
    • check the individual and group arrival and departure forecast;
    • consult the list of opening hours of the various activities in the company;
    • print the list of groups scheduled to leave for the day;
    • issue the exit release card;
    • preparing the �mise-en-place�;
    • issue invoices and receipts;
    • establish a network of contacts to meet customer requests;
    • intermediate in obtaining authorizations from agreements;
    • participate in shift exchange meetings;
    • deliver the visitor badge at the entrance;
    • offer luggage assistance;
    • start cleaning service;
    • providing safe service;
    • assist in the organization of special occasions for guests (marriage proposal, birthday, celebrations in general);
    • assist the customer at the atm ;
    • request a form of payment guarantee;
    • save volumes from service providers;
    • visit places/establishments to be recommended to guests;
    • resolve pending issues from the previous day;
    • take phone calls and messages;
    • consult a list of opening hours of the various activities in the company;
    • issue account statements;

    Sectors that hire Guest relations the most in the job market

    • hotels
    • building condominiums
    • motels
    • restaurants and similar
    • other accommodation
    • temporary labor lease
    • apart hotels
    • holdings of non-financial institutions
    • fairs, congresses, exhibitions and parties organization services
    • boards (accommodation)

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