Half square (garimpo) - Salary and Career
Garimpeiros and salt pan operators

Half square (garimpo) - Career description, activities, functions and salary

They research and prepare areas for ore extraction, provide machinery, equipment, tools and safety accessories, explore the mine, process the ore and commercialize the ore. They prepare the area for extraction and process the salt, control the amount of salt in the brine and extract the salt.

How much does an Half square (garimpo) earn

A Half square (garimpo) earns between $1.167 and $2.805 per month, with an average monthly salary of $1.491 and a median salary of $1.233 according to an Averwage.com salary survey along with to data of professionals hired and fired by companies in the labor market.

Our research is based on the salaries of 333 professionals hired and dismissed by the period from 06/2021 to 05/2022 (last year).

Salary ranges for the Half square (garimpo)

Monthly Salary Annual Salary Salary Per Week Hourly Salary
Average wage 1.491 17.887 373 7
1º Quartile 1.167 13.999 292 6
Median Salary 1.233 14.796 308 6
3º Quartile 2.139 25.667 535 10
Higher Salary 2.805 33.655 701 13

Professional job categories

  • Workers in the production of industrial goods and services
    • extractive industry and construction workers
      • mineral extraction workers
        • garimpeiros and salt pan operators

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Main workplaces

Garimpeiros and salt pan operators they work in mining for metallic minerals and in salt extraction, in salt pans. Garimpeiros work on their own, without supervision. The salt workers work as a salaried employee, with a formal contract, under permanent supervision. The exercise of these occupations exposes the worker to toxic materials, radiation, intense noise, high temperatures.

What does it take to work in the field of Garimpeiros and salt pan operators

The access to the occupation of garimpeiro is free, with average schooling of elementary school. The education requirement for saline operators is a high school diploma. Learning on the job takes place in practice. The full exercise of the activities requires one to two years of experience.

Functions and activities of Half square (garimpo)

Garimpeiros and salt pan operators must:

  • processing salt manufacturing;
  • providing machines, equipment, tools and safety accessories;
  • prepare areas for ore mining;
  • prepare areas for ore extraction;
  • process the manufacture of salt;
  • benefit the ore;
  • process salt making;
  • search for ores;
  • extracting salt;
  • process the production of salt;
  • extract salt;
  • extract the salt;
  • search ores;
  • providing machinery equipment, tools and safety accessories;
  • explore mine;
  • control amount of salt;
  • process the salt making;
  • demonstrate personal skills;
  • commercialize the ore;
  • control salt amount;
  • benefit ore;
  • trade ore;
  • prepare an area for salt extraction;
  • trade the ore;
  • process salt manufacturing;
  • mine;
  • processing salt making;
  • research for ores;
  • provide machinery equipment, tools and safety accessories;
  • prepare area for salt extraction;
  • exploit mine;
  • research ores;

  • Activities

    • demonstrate sensitivity;
    • control the water depth and brine density (evaporation area) ;
    • providing a generator set;
    • hammer the ore (gem);
    • demonstrate vocation for occupation;
    • choose terrain;
    • plan the amount of explosive for the mine;
    • clean stool (workplace);
    • demonstrate willingness to work;
    • aiming tools;
    • identify topographic conditions of salt extraction;
    • capture seawater;
    • pass the material on the vibrating table;
    • monitor the extraction of the salt;
    • set the thickness of the salt sheet;
    • identify ideal terrains;
    • build areas for evaporation;
    • find lodes;
    • sieve mineral;
    • show patience;
    • demonstrate awareness of environmental preservation;
    • load holes with explosives;
    • becoming aware of the need for safety at work;
    • select material resulting from the explosion;
    • control crystallizer drainage;
    • classify ore;
    • control the quality of the brine in the salt manufacturing process;
    • purify the mineral in the pan;
    • plumbing the land;
    • provide replacement of worn parts;
    • installing electricity;
    • build walls and partitions;
    • demonstrate emotional control;
    • collect material for geological analysis;
    • differentiate primary from secondary lodes;
    • perform calculation to define the volume of salt to be harvested;
    • enable resources (partners, financing, etc.) for the exploration of the deposit;
    • identify the material resulting from the explosion;
    • trade the value of the ore;
    • point out rocks (shift rocks);
    • find buyers for the ore;
    • drill trenches (diggings);
    • send sample for analysis in an accredited laboratory to obtain the weight and quality certificate;
    • evaluate deposits (feasibility);
    • providing maintenance of machinery and equipment;
    • sharpening tools;
    • purify the mineral through electromagnets;
    • grind crushed material;
    • reforest the land;
    • identify ideal terrain;
    • plumbing the ground;
    • controlling the operation of uptake pumps;
    • installing generator set;
    • build area for crystallization;
    • maintain the conservation of the walls;
    • drilling rocks with drill bits and hand steel;
    • demonstrate basic knowledge in the area;
    • study the product extracted from the mine;
    • recompose explored areas;
    • distribute the ore in batches (gems);
    • install generator set;
    • hire services to prepare the environmental impact plan;
    • identify locations for installation of abstraction pumps;
    • control the supply of crystallizers;
    • forward analysis material to the laboratory;
    • crushing material resulting from the explosion;
    • select the location to be blasted;
    • show patience;
    • operate the pumping between the evaporators and crystallizers;
    • control the salt wash brine;
    • set salt extraction program;
    • remove impurities manually;
    • guiding the operation of capture pumps;
    • identify topographical conditions;
    • providing safety equipment (personal protective equipment);
    • process washing salt;
    • pass mineral in the manual box;
    • pack the ore;
    • drain the crystallizers.;
    • plane areas;
    • forward the sample for analysis.;
    • lease land;
    • demonstrate persistence;
    • store the salt for curing;
    • accounting for salt production;
    • request authorization from competent bodies (research requirement, research plan , mines);
    • align blades;
    • demonstrate a sense of observation;
    • detonate explosive;
    • regulate the purchase of explosive from the army;
    • recognize gem ore color;

    Sectors that hire Half square (garimpo) the most in the job market

    • gem extraction (precious and semi-precious stones)
    • precious metal ore extraction
    • tin ore beneficiation
    • temporary labor lease
    • iron ore extraction support activities
    • tin ore mining
    • wholesale of jewellery, watches and jewellery, including precious and semi-precious stones
    • sand, gravel or gravel extraction and processing
    • multimodal transport operator - otm
    • extraction of other non-metallic minerals

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