Head of disallowance resource for health insurance accounts (hospital administration) - Salary and Career
Administration Technicians

Head of disallowance resource for health insurance accounts (hospital administration) - Career description, activities, functions and salary

Control administrative routine. They carry out activities in human resources and intermediate labor for placement and replacement. They work in the purchasing area and advise the sales area. They exchange goods and services and perform activities in the fiscal and financial areas.

How much does an Head of disallowance resource for health insurance accounts (hospital administration) earn

A Head of disallowance resource for health insurance accounts (hospital administration) earns between $1.056 and $5.845 per month, with an average monthly salary of $2.310 and a median salary of $1.800 according to an Averwage.com salary survey along with to data of professionals hired and fired by companies in the labor market.

Our research is based on the salaries of 10.414 professionals hired and dismissed by the period from 06/2021 to 05/2022 (last year).

Salary ranges for the Head of disallowance resource for health insurance accounts (hospital administration)

Monthly Salary Annual Salary Salary Per Week Hourly Salary
Average wage 2.310 27.715 577 11
1º Quartile 1.056 12.666 264 5
Median Salary 1.800 21.600 450 9
3º Quartile 4.458 53.491 1.114 22
Higher Salary 5.845 70.138 1.461 29

Professional job categories

  • Middle level technicians
    • medium level technicians in administrative sciences
      • technicians of administrative sciences
        • administration technicians

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Main workplaces

Administration Technicians they work in any economic activity where there are administrative activities, as employees with a formal contract. The work is face-to-face, carried out as a team, with occasional supervision. The work environment is closed and the hours can be day or night. Professionals, in their work routine, remain for long periods, in uncomfortable positions, work under pressure, which can lead them to a stressful situation.

What does it take to work in the field of Administration Technicians

These occupations are performed by workers who have completed high school, preferably with a high school technical course in their area of expertise. The full exercise of occupations occurs with one to two years of experience.

Functions and activities of Head of disallowance resource for health insurance accounts (hospital administration)

Administration Technicians must:

  • intermediate labor for placement and relocation;
  • act in the purchasing area;
  • perform human resources activities;
  • perform tax and financial activities;
  • work in the purchasing area;
  • control administrative routine;
  • exchange goods and services;
  • intermediate manpower for placement and relocation;
  • intermediate manpower for placement and replacement;
  • acting in the purchasing area;
  • advise sales area;
  • act in the shopping area;
  • intermediate labor for placement and replacement;
  • demonstrate personal skills;
  • advising sales area;
  • perform activities in the tax and financial areas;
  • perform activities in the fiscal and financial areas;

  • Activities

    • generate information and guides for collecting social charges;
    • create schedules;
    • control outsourced service documentation throughout the contract;
    • verify negative certificate with fgts and inss;
    • participate in curriculum evaluation;
    • enable the admission process;
    • disclose the result of the selection process;
    • create flowchart;
    • act with tolerance;
    • perform administrative support services;
    • interview candidate;
    • control fixed assets;
    • show commitment;
    • customer service;
    • check frequency;
    • inspect payment of public charges from outsourced firms;
    • calculate vacation;
    • contract forwarding, insurance, transport and third party services;
    • apply legislation for collection purposes;
    • forward payroll bank credit;
    • create organizational chart;
    • search for the company's legal status;
    • set up selection process;
    • monitor sales and after-sales;
    • check documents;
    • work as a team;
    • request information;
    • prepare renderings of accounts;
    • take initiative;
    • elaborate commitment notes;
    • analyze export and import documentation;
    • reserve spaces;
    • capture vacancies;
    • monitor changes in current legislation;
    • pre-screen candidates;
    • request price quote;
    • provide information for audits;
    • act with flexibility;
    • participate in the correction of the selection process test;
    • allocate budgetary resources;
    • perform cash and treasury services;
    • perform termination calculations;
    • control fiscal document flows;
    • perform statistical calculations;
    • organize training proposals;
    • control benefits granted;
    • protocol documents;
    • organizing processes for contracting services and products;
    • master foreign languages;
    • guiding customers;
    • control activities through statistical data;
    • contact customers;
    • organize daily routine;
    • collect information for contract termination;
    • participate in the preparation of selection tests;
    • provide payslip;
    • manage expenses with a fixed fund;
    • negotiate exchange rate variations with financial institutions;
    • demonstrate ease of verbal and written communication;
    • participate in the contract termination approval process;
    • participate in the preparation and dissemination of bidding documents;
    • define work method;
    • recommend discount margin;
    • acting efficiently and effectively;
    • proceed to enter the unemployment insurance process;
    • enter information in the payroll database;
    • analyze requirements for filling vacancies;
    • monitor the transit of exported or imported goods;
    • participate in bidding committees;
    • request occupational health certificate for employees of outsourced companies;
    • issue miscellaneous documents;
    • provide information about labor rights;
    • summon suitable candidates to fill vacancy;
    • check receipt of materials;
    • check bidding processes;
    • classify expense elements;
    • request price quotation;
    • update address book;
    • show solutions;
    • monitor selection processes until completion;
    • control employee transfer;
    • prepare administrative documents;
    • operate the integrated system of foreign trade (siscomex);
    • check payroll entries;
    • register candidate;
    • disclose selection process;
    • control absences;
    • participate in the movement and control of stocks;
    • archive documents;
    • adapt activity to current legislation;
    • provide price quotes;
    • monitor customs clearance;
    • organize daily routine;
    • prepare rendering of accounts;
    • disclose information on various vehicles;
    • advise on training and development activities;
    • control employee vacation;
    • pricing products;
    • seek professional improvement;
    • buy services and products;
    • contact companies;
    • schedule loading and unloading of goods and services;
    • apply selection tests;
    • act with professional ethics;
    • monitor validity of legal documents;

    Sectors that hire Head of disallowance resource for health insurance accounts (hospital administration) the most in the job market

    • other teaching activities
    • information technology consulting
    • supply and management of human resources for third parties
    • temporary labor lease
    • hospital care activities
    • health plans
    • combined office and administrative support services
    • terrain preparation services
    • cleaning in buildings and households
    • cleaning activities

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