Head of General Services Section - Exclusive in Public Service - Salary and Career
Administrative Supervisors

Head of General Services Section - Exclusive in Public Service - Career description, activities, functions and salary

They supervise administrative routines in public and private institutions, directly leading a team of clerks, administrative assistants, office secretaries, office machine operators and ushers. They coordinate general services of pouches, messengers, transport, notary, cleaning, outsourced, maintenance of equipment, furniture, facilities, etc., manage human resources, assets and consumables, organize documents and correspondence, manage staff. They can maintain financial routines, controlling fixed fund (small cash), funds, accounts payable, cash flow and bank account, issuing and checking invoices and receipts, rendering accounts and collecting taxes.

How much does an Head of General Services Section - Exclusive in Public Service earn

A Head of General Services Section - Exclusive in Public Service earns between $1.408 and $9.079 per month, with an average monthly salary of $3.305 and a median salary of $2.350 according to an Averwage.com salary survey along with to data of professionals hired and fired by companies in the labor market.

Our research is based on the salaries of 144.917 professionals hired and dismissed by the period from 06/2021 to 05/2022 (last year).

Salary ranges for the Head of General Services Section - Exclusive in Public Service

Monthly Salary Annual Salary Salary Per Week Hourly Salary
Average wage 3.305 39.662 826 16
1º Quartile 1.408 16.894 352 7
Median Salary 2.350 28.200 588 11
3º Quartile 6.924 83.092 1.731 33
Higher Salary 9.079 108.953 2.270 43

Professional job categories

  • Administrative services workers
    • officers
      • administrative services supervisors (except customer service)
        • administrative supervisors

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Main workplaces

Administrative Supervisors these workers work in the most diverse areas of public or private companies. They are CLT or statutory employees. They work as a team, with occasional supervision, indoors and during the day. Eventually, they work in uncomfortable positions for long periods.

What does it take to work in the field of Administrative Supervisors

To enter this occupation, a complete high school education and three to four years of professional experience in administrative work are required.

Functions and activities of Head of General Services Section - Exclusive in Public Service

Administrative Supervisors must:

  • manage assets and consumables;
  • communicate;
  • supervise administrative routines;
  • coordinate general services;
  • organize documents and correspondence;
  • manage staff;
  • maintain financial routines;
  • demonstrate personal skills;
  • manage team;

  • Activities

    • supervise schedules;
    • sort documents and correspondence;
    • store consumables;
    • demonstrate initiative;
    • receive documents and correspondence;
    • control fixed fund (small cash);
    • check work frequency;
    • coordinate notary service;
    • elaborate correspondence;
    • demonstrate honesty;
    • fill in forms;
    • control accounts receivable;
    • coordinate photocopy service;
    • inspect property;
    • forward documents and correspondence;
    • demonstrate organization;
    • prepare trial balance;
    • intermediate teams;
    • prepare announcements;
    • relocate personnel;
    • select personnel;
    • disclose information;
    • coordinate outsourced services;
    • coordinate maintenance services for machinery, equipment, furniture and installations;
    • write contracts;
    • request payment authorization;
    • refund expenses;
    • control funds;
    • reconcile accounts;
    • evaluate team performance;
    • propose measures to simplify and improve administrative routines;
    • distribute services;
    • implement administrative routines;
    • issue invoices and receipts;
    • collect taxes;
    • buy consumables and supplies;
    • purchase assets;
    • demonstrate discernment;
    • create documents;
    • request the purchase of consumables;
    • organize files;
    • accountability;
    • distribute consumables;
    • report;
    • request staff;
    • control accounts payable;
    • demonstrate verbal and written fluency;
    • coordinate transport service;
    • check invoices;
    • mastering legislation;
    • set work schedule;
    • demonstrate leadership;
    • supervise property security service;
    • control cash flow;
    • register documents and correspondence;
    • analyze the functioning of administrative routines;
    • check consumables;
    • clarify doubts;
    • coordinate mail service;
    • overcoming adverse situations;
    • guide compliance with rules and work orders;
    • train team;
    • manage work safety;
    • control bank account;
    • check stock of consumables;
    • check documents and correspondence;
    • manage benefits;
    • manage work schedule;
    • settle advance accounts;
    • control telephone calls;
    • work as a team;
    • guide the execution of administrative routines;
    • analyze documents and correspondence;
    • select suppliers;
    • create administrative routines;
    • demonstrate flexibility;
    • triage information;
    • coordinate cleaning service;
    • demonstrate responsibility;
    • operate computer resources;
    • coordinate messenger service;
    • delegate functions;
    • search prices;
    • teach processes;

    Sectors that hire Head of General Services Section - Exclusive in Public Service the most in the job market

    • cleaning in buildings and households
    • temporary labor lease
    • combined office and administrative support services
    • supply and management of human resources for third parties
    • activities of associations for the defense of social rights
    • road transport of cargo, except dangerous goods and removals, intercity, interstate and international
    • hospital care activities
    • combined building support services
    • accounting activities
    • other service activities provided mainly to companies

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