Latex stripper - Salary and Career
Forest extractives of gum and resin producing species

Latex stripper - Career description, activities, functions and salary

They extract elastic and non-elastic gums and resins by scraping and cutting tree bark, chamfering and bleeding tree trunks. They prepare the extraction of gums and resins. Process extraction material. They make working tools and organize the commercialization of extraction products. They manage the extraction area and transport raw materials and products.

How much does an Latex stripper earn

A Latex stripper earns between $1.099 and $2.591 per month, with an average monthly salary of $1.362 and a median salary of $1.200 according to an salary survey along with to data of professionals hired and fired by companies in the labor market.

Our research is based on the salaries of 1.603 professionals hired and dismissed by the period from 06/2021 to 05/2022 (last year).

Salary ranges for the Latex stripper

Monthly Salary Annual Salary Salary Per Week Hourly Salary
Average wage 1.362 16.348 341 6
1º Quartile 1.099 13.193 275 5
Median Salary 1.200 14.400 300 5
3º Quartile 1.976 23.709 494 9
Higher Salary 2.591 31.087 648 12

Professional job categories

  • Agricultural, forestry and fisheries workers
    • fishermen and forestry extractors
      • forest extractives
        • forest extractives of gum and resin producing species

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Main workplaces

Forest extractives of gum and resin producing species they work in the extraction of gums and resins, predominantly in forests in the Amazon region, carrying out the work on their own, organized in associations and cooperatives. They work individually, without supervision, in the open, during the day. They remain in uncomfortable positions for long periods, performing various activities at great heights (trees). They are exposed to attacks by wild animals and insects.

What does it take to work in the field of Forest extractives of gum and resin producing species

Qualification for these occupations is obtained tacitly in the exercise of work. The full performance of activities takes between one and two years of experience.

Functions and activities of Latex stripper

Forest extractives of gum and resin producing species must:

  • making work tools;
  • organize extraction products for commercialization;
  • making work instruments;
  • organize extraction products for marketing;
  • prepare gum and resin extraction;
  • transporting raw material and products;
  • process extraction material;
  • extracting elastic, non-elastic gums and resins;
  • manage extraction area;
  • processing extraction material;
  • demonstrate personal skills;
  • transport raw materials and products;
  • manejar extraction area;
  • transport raw material and products;

  • Activities

    • load and unload raw material and products in animals and vehicles;
    • fertilize tree seedlings;
    • putting milk in moulds;
    • making spouts and scrapers;
    • display close visual acuity;
    • negotiate product prices;
    • encourage participation in associations;
    • measure tree trunk diameter;
    • provide fuel for smoking;
    • tie ladders and mutas to rubber trees;
    • wash curds;
    • measure diameter of tree trunks;
    • press curd;
    • climbing trees;
    • display handicrafts;
    • culling down trees;
    • store extraction materials in smokehouses and tapiris;
    • prune trees;
    • demonstrate physical stamina;
    • demonstrate ability to work at high heights;
    • display close-up visual acuity;
    • identify extraction trees;
    • support isolation in woods and forests;
    • cut fabrics;
    • paint gum pieces;
    • sharpen tools;
    • screwing parts;
    • plant seeds and tree seedlings;
    • scratch straw;
    • making bags and panniers;
    • making studs;
    • making buckets and bowls;
    • open straw;
    • build smokehouses;
    • select seedlings;
    • heating pieces of iron;
    • sharpening tools;
    • prevent illness and insect bites;
    • dry curds;
    • defend yourself from wild animals;
    • request a license for extraction in conservation areas;
    • prepare supplies for extraction season;
    • cut straw, wood and vines;
    • positioning spouts and bowls on tree trunks;
    • manufacture gum piece forms;
    • build tapiris;
    • search market prices;
    • moulding wooden, error and fabric pieces;
    • scraping tree bark;
    • open pits;
    • making mut�s and ladders;
    • wrap inelastic gums;
    • macerate inelastic gums;
    • making jiraus;
    • smoking milk;
    • sew gum pieces;
    • manage vessels with loading of gums and resins;
    • provide rennet ingredients;
    • fix working instruments;
    • removing resins with a hoe;
    • show sensitivity to nature;
    • nailing bags and cans to trees;
    • stacking gum boards;
    • cutting gum pieces;
    • making porongas;
    • making boots and leggings;
    • drive vehicles with loading of gums and resins;
    • strain milk;
    • drive animals with loading of gums and resins;
    • beveling tree trunks;
    • bleeding rubber trees;
    • resist the weather;
    • demonstrate fine motor skills;
    • curd milk;
    • bagging raw material and gums;
    • cutting tree bark;
    • stack gum boards;
    • tie piles of gummies;
    • transport raw material and products on the back;
    • demonstrate physical endurance;
    • select trees for extraction;
    • fill buckets and bags with milk and resin;
    • align soil for planting;
    • boil milk;
    • trace the extraction area;
    • moderate gum pieces in heat;
    • fix work instruments;
    • withstand strong odors;
    • demonstrate courage;
    • weigh extraction products;
    • making goats and syringe knives;
    • put on boots, leggings and spurs;
    • trace extraction area;
    • sharpen extraction areas;
    • buy extraction supplies and materials;
    • weeding plantation areas;
    • track the extraction area;
    • trimming gum pieces;

    Sectors that hire Latex stripper the most in the job market

    • srubber tree cultivation
    • breeding cattle for beef
    • collecting latex in native forests
    • agricultural support activities
    • breeding cattle for milk
    • coffee growing
    • sugar cane cultivation
    • timbering in planted forests
    • soybean growing
    • manufacture of meat products

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