Metal scraper - Salary and Career
Multipurpose mechanical adjusters

Metal scraper - Career description, activities, functions and salary

They plan and organize the workplace for performing mechanical adjustment activities. They manufacture, repair, maintain and install parts and equipment, according to quality and work safety standards. Calibrate measuring and plotting instruments.

How much does an Metal scraper earn

A Metal scraper earns between $1.103 and $3.403 per month, with an average monthly salary of $1.759 and a median salary of $1.701 according to an salary survey along with to data of professionals hired and fired by companies in the labor market.

Our research is based on the salaries of 745 professionals hired and dismissed by the period from 06/2021 to 05/2022 (last year).

Salary ranges for the Metal scraper

Monthly Salary Annual Salary Salary Per Week Hourly Salary
Average wage 1.759 21.108 440 8
1º Quartile 1.103 13.230 276 5
Median Salary 1.701 20.407 425 8
3º Quartile 2.595 31.142 649 12
Higher Salary 3.403 40.835 851 16

Professional job categories

  • Workers in the production of industrial goods and services
    • metal and composite transformation workers
      • assemblers of machines and mechanical devices
        • multipurpose mechanical adjusters

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Main workplaces

Multipurpose mechanical adjusters the family's occupations are exercised in industry, standing out among the various branches in which they may be present, metal mechanics, automobiles, metallurgy and oil extraction and related activities. Traditionally, these occupations have been performed individually and, more recently, as a result of industrial restructuring processes, they can incorporate versatility in terms of machines, products and materials. Work is usually carried out on a rotating shift system, with permanent supervision and can also take place underground, confined or at great heights. Workers may be subjected to prolonged periods in uncomfortable positions and, eventually, be exposed to the effects of toxic materials, radiation, noise, high temperatures, air pollution, and exercise stress. The predominant employment relationship is as a registered employee.

What does it take to work in the field of Multipurpose mechanical adjusters

The occupations require schooling of at least complete elementary school and passing through professional qualification courses lasting more than four hundred hours. The professional experience to fully develop the activities ranges between three and five years.

Functions and activities of Metal scraper

Multipurpose mechanical adjusters must:

  • perform repairs and maintenance on parts and equipment;
  • check the quality of parts and equipment;
  • work safely;
  • plan the work;
  • organize workplace;
  • installing equipment and parts;
  • demonstrate personal skills;
  • install equipment and parts;
  • make parts;
  • perform repairs and maintenance on parts and equipment;
  • manufacture parts;

  • Activities

    • adjust rigid shims and bases;
    • signal for hazardous location;
    • remove fasteners;
    • remove parts;
    • demonstrate concentration;
    • attach equipment;
    • check measuring and plotting instruments;
    • testing parts and equipment;
    • demonstrate hand skills;
    • align equipment according to the technical reference;
    • adjust rigid shims and bases;
    • remove equipment or parts;
    • work in a hazardous area;
    • positioning machines and accessories to perform the work;
    • use 'epi' and 'epc';
    • solder bridge parts;
    • check measurements;
    • regulate machinery and equipment to perform the work;
    • define the sequence of operations to perform the work;
    • drill parts;
    • chamfer parts;
    • apply antioxidant products to metal parts;
    • follow safety standards at work;
    • fit parts with file and grinder;
    • interpret drawings and technical references;
    • adjusting accessories and fixtures;
    • interpret order or list of services;
    • unclog workplace;
    • sawing parts;
    • sharpen cutting tools;
    • require necessary labor to assist in the execution of the work;
    • clean machines, equipment and instruments;
    • apply heat treatment;
    • elaborate spare parts list;
    • repair thread;
    • define materials (ferrous, non-ferrous, plastics etc.) according to technical references ;
    • deburr parts;
    • solder parts;
    • soldering parts;
    • perform parts;
    • blast parts(micro jets);
    • check the equipment alignment according to the technical references;
    • follow occupational safety standards;
    • enlarge parts;
    • position accessories and reference lines;
    • soldering parts;
    • make templates;
    • lubricate parts and equipment;
    • develop physical stamina;
    • adjusting accessories and fixtures;
    • threading;
    • fall parts;
    • ensure the cleanliness and organization of the workplace;
    • making templates;
    • demonstrate a sense of organization;
    • face parts with machine tools;
    • inspect wear of parts;
    • demonstrate hand skill;
    • adjust parts with file and grinder;
    • acting responsibly;
    • define equipment, machines, tools and instruments for carrying out the work;
    • replace rigid and flexible shims;
    • replace accessories and fasteners;
    • work as a team;
    • visually inspect;
    • determine location for tools and materials;
    • demonstrate visual acuity;
    • dismantle parts and equipment;
    • demonstrate creativity;
    • trace parts;
    • define repairs of parts and equipment;
    • mark waypoints;
    • demonstrate concentration;
    • develop physical endurance;
    • develop physical endurance;
    • expand tube with boring machine;

    Sectors that hire Metal scraper the most in the job market

    • retail trade in used motor vehicle parts and accessories
    • retail trade of new parts and accessories for motor vehicles
    • manufacture of other general purpose machinery and equipment, parts and accessories
    • manufacture of petroleum refining products
    • maintenance and repair of other machinery and equipment for industrial uses
    • manufacture of other metal products
    • maintenance and mechanical repair services for motor vehicles
    • maintenance and repair of machinery for the metallurgical industry
    • manufacture of machinery and equipment for specific industrial use, parts and accessories
    • manufacture of metal structures

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