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Military Prosecutor - Career description, activities, functions and salary

They act in favor of society and citizenship, defending the legal order, the democratic regime, diffuse and collective interests and individual interests, promoting, privately, public criminal actions and public civil actions. They exercise their functions at the federal and state levels, before civil, criminal, military, labor and electoral courts. To this end, they repress crime, propose public civil actions in defense of unavailable, diffuse and collective individual rights, exercise the ownership of constitutional actions and civil actions, monitor compliance with legislation and perform judicial and extrajudicial attributions.

According to our survey, there were no relevant hirings or dismissals of professionals in the position of Military Prosecutor during the survey period.

Unfortunately, we did not have formal hires by the labor market for the position of Military Prosecutor in the last few months of the survey.

Access this page regularly because as soon as there is new data we will update this page with salary information for the position of Military Prosecutor.

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