Operational Census Agent - Salary and Career
Interviewers and census takers

Operational Census Agent - Career description, activities, functions and salary

They apply questionnaires and research scripts, In the case of the social interviewer, forms are applied, carry out public opinion interviews, collect prices of goods and services, apply instruments for market research, register informants, fill out forms, carry out interviews and field activities, verify consistency of information and participate in the planning of field activities.

How much does an Operational Census Agent earn

A Operational Census Agent earns between $1.106 and $2.772 per month, with an average monthly salary of $1.453 and a median salary of $1.244 according to an Averwage.com salary survey along with to data of professionals hired and fired by companies in the labor market.

Our research is based on the salaries of 4.449 professionals hired and dismissed by the period from 06/2021 to 05/2022 (last year).

Salary ranges for the Operational Census Agent

Monthly Salary Annual Salary Salary Per Week Hourly Salary
Average wage 1.453 17.439 363 7
1º Quartile 1.106 13.277 277 5
Median Salary 1.244 14.931 311 6
3º Quartile 2.114 25.369 529 10
Higher Salary 2.772 33.264 693 13

Professional job categories

  • Administrative services workers
    • customer service workers
      • interviewers, census takers
        • interviewers and census takers

Related Positions:

Main workplaces

Interviewers and census takers the positions of this CBO family can exercise their functions in institutions, companies and organizations of sample research, opinion, market, products and services, prices, among others. Generally, they work as self-employed or self-employed. In the case of the social interviewer, the position of employee with a formal contract, or access via public tender, predominates. They work predominantly as a team, under permanent supervision, in the open, at irregular hours, in the form of face-to-face work. In the case of the social interviewer, the work is carried out under occasional supervision, predominantly indoors and during the day.

What does it take to work in the field of Interviewers and census takers

These occupations are performed by workers with completed high school education, and there is no requirement for qualification courses and time of professional experience. In the case of the social interviewer, in addition to the specifications listed above, a basic course of up to 200 hours is required.

Functions and activities of Operational Census Agent

Interviewers and census takers must:

  • interview the family leader;
  • perform public opinion interviews;
  • check information consistency;
  • interview the family manager;
  • conduct public opinion interviews;
  • perform screening;
  • prepare data for analysis;
  • register informants and families;
  • applying questionnaires and research scripts;
  • apply market research instrument;
  • collect prices of goods and services;
  • demonstrate personal skills;
  • prepare data for analysis;
  • apply questionnaires and research scripts;
  • participate in field activity planning;
  • interview the responsible family;
  • apply a market research instrument;
  • apply an instrument for market research;

  • Activities

    • complete the research schedule;
    • indicate deletion and changes in registrations;
    • participate in the elaboration of the data collection instrument;
    • contact informants to check price changes;
    • encode information;
    • apply an opinion questionnaire;
    • demonstrate ability to communicate;
    • show patience;
    • perform an active search for families;
    • organize database;
    • estimate trends;
    • identify the family's demand;
    • show a sense of organization;
    • act with perseverance;
    • apply statistical calculations;
    • apply product acceptance test;
    • apply a brand loyalty questionnaire;
    • show cordiality in dealing with people;
    • demonstrate credibility;
    • collect prices in commerce;
    • check calculations;
    • check the consistency of the answer;
    • verify registration;
    • demonstrate discernment;
    • identify with the interviewee/family responsible;
    • register new companies and new constructions;
    • clarify the research objective;
    • assist in obtaining data;
    • instituting respondent about self-completion of the questionnaire;
    • compare prices and collection data;
    • collect socioeconomic information, on companies, institutions and households;
    • schedule interviews;
    • check data;
    • checking the interviewee's suitability for the research objectives;
    • table data from specific research;
    • apply statistical programs;
    • schedule a home interview;
    • search for an interviewee according to the research profile;
    • perform audience research;
    • interview families in households, institutions/reception facilities, external locations, communities;
    • collecting sociodemographic information in households;
    • demonstrate notions of microcomputing;
    • select the appropriate form;
    • quantify product consumption;
    • collecting socioeconomic information on companies, institutions and households;
    • perform research and data collection, by telephone;
    • apply the questionnaire pre-test;
    • identify correspondent in the company (institution and domicile);
    • collect price information, electronically;
    • clarify the purpose of the research;
    • register families;
    • design tables;
    • filling in a questionnaire/form manually and digitally;
    • apply a market potential research questionnaire;
    • demonstrate impartiality;
    • apply price forms in companies;
    • retrieve unfilled information;
    • update family registration;
    • check collection instruments;
    • clarify the rf objectives of the single registration;
    • clarify doubts;
    • identify with the interviewee/family guardian;
    • maintain punctuality;
    • identify the family leader based on documents;
    • identify the family composition;
    • inform supervision about changes in products and services collected;
    • demonstrate ability to work in a team;
    • recognize the geographical area designated for the survey;
    • look for an interviewee according to the research profile;
    • check the interviewee's suitability for the research objectives;
    • record with confidence;
    • perform in-depth interview;
    • apply a consumer satisfaction survey questionnaire;
    • guide rf on social programs and public policies;
    • apply a survey questionnaire for the image of products and services;
    • clearing doubts regarding the research;
    • indicate exclusion and changes in registrations;
    • check the veracity of the rf's information during home visits;
    • control product specification;
    • correct information raised;
    • forward to competent bodies, if necessary;
    • organize information and documents for internal control;
    • register households;
    • show legibility of spelling;
    • apply a questionnaire to survey the image of products and services;
    • serve traditional and specific population groups (indigenous villages, quilombolas, people without documents , among others);
    • identify the family situation;
    • create charts;
    • check for filling errors in questionnaires/forms;
    • apply pricing forms in companies;
    • suggest changes to questionnaires;
    • serve families;
    • organize the research script;
    • show good diction;
    • participate in joint efforts and itinerant actions;
    • demonstrate objectivity in data collection;
    • receive training to carry out the research;
    • replace sampled households and informants;

    Sectors that hire Operational Census Agent the most in the job market

    • engineering services
    • electrical installation and maintenance
    • other service activities provided mainly to companies
    • computer training
    • mapping, surveying and geodesy services
    • market and public opinion research
    • fairs, congresses, exhibitions and parties organization services
    • business management consulting activities
    • technical support, maintenance and other information technology services
    • combined office and administrative support services

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