Propaganda of pharmaceutical products - Salary and Career
Sales and Product Promotion Specialists

Propaganda of pharmaceutical products - Career description, activities, functions and salary

They plan specialized sales and product demonstration activities. They carry out their work through visits to customers, where they present and demonstrate their products, clarify doubts and follow up on after-sales. They contact internal areas of the company, suggest sales and product promotion policies and participate in events.

How much does an Propaganda of pharmaceutical products earn

A Propaganda of pharmaceutical products earns between $2.527 and $11.321 per month, with an average monthly salary of $5.251 and a median salary of $4.971 according to an salary survey along with to data of professionals hired and fired by companies in the labor market.

Our research is based on the salaries of 9.777 professionals hired and dismissed by the period from 06/2021 to 05/2022 (last year).

Salary ranges for the Propaganda of pharmaceutical products

Monthly Salary Annual Salary Salary Per Week Hourly Salary
Average wage 5.251 63.013 1.313 26
1º Quartile 2.527 30.322 632 13
Median Salary 4.971 59.652 1.243 25
3º Quartile 8.634 103.607 2.158 43
Higher Salary 11.321 135.853 2.830 57

Professional job categories

  • Middle level technicians
    • medium level technicians in administrative sciences
      • middle level technicians in business operations
        • sales and product promotion specialists

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Main workplaces

Sales and Product Promotion Specialists they work in retail and wholesale companies, and/or in industries and/or services, as employees or providing services for them, as self-employed. The work is carried out in person or remotely, individually, without supervision, in closed environments, with constant displacements in traffic and at irregular hours. They can work under pressure from sales targets, which can cause stress.

What does it take to work in the field of Sales and Product Promotion Specialists

For the exercise of these occupations, specialized knowledge of the area of activity, high school education, accompanied by courses and training of up to two hundred hours is required. In the case of the propagandist of pharmaceutical products, due to market demand trends, higher education in areas such as health or business is desirable.

Functions and activities of Propaganda of pharmaceutical products

Sales and Product Promotion Specialists must:

  • plan visits and contacts;
  • demonstrate personal skills;
  • monitor after sales customers and/or visit;
  • follow up after-sales customers and/or visit;
  • disclose products and services;
  • concrete sales;
  • follow customer after-sales and/or visit;
  • follow up after-sales customers and/or visit;
  • follow up after sales customers and/or visit;
  • follow up after sales customers and/or visit;
  • suggest sales policies;
  • contact internal areas of the company;
  • participate in events;
  • finish sales;
  • follow customers after sales and/or visit;
  • disseminate products and services;

  • Activities

    • check customer reviews;
    • filter information to improve services;
    • transmit sales order to head office;
    • consult technical publications;
    • work under pressure;
    • clarify order questions;
    • interview new candidates;
    • implement marketing strategies;
    • update customer record;
    • submit proposal to client;
    • prioritize orders and/or actions for special customers;
    • check customer reviews;
    • establish product delivery times;
    • renew contracts;
    • perform customer surveys;
    • transmit sales order to central office;
    • implement service contracts;
    • suggest improvements to the promotional and commercial process;
    • sort customers by billing;
    • clarify scientific product data;
    • request technical assistance;
    • demonstrate leadership ability;
    • visit after-sales customers;
    • change customer contracts;
    • calculate product cost;
    • participate in improvement courses;
    • work as a team;
    • report sales results to the superior;
    • receive product payment;
    • forward customer documentation;
    • request publicity material;
    • communicate transactions made;
    • make visits itinerary;
    • demonstrate verbal communication skills;
    • demonstrate a sense of organization;
    • demonstrate attentive listening skills (knowing how to listen);
    • invite customers for an extraordinary meeting;
    • disclose promotional actions to employees;
    • organize scientific events;
    • discriminate types of products;
    • clarify technical product data to the customer;
    • communicate the transactions carried out;
    • request product exchange;
    • forecast sales;
    • participate in meetings;
    • make decisions;
    • make visit itinerary;
    • get pre-sales information;
    • visit the company's industrial area;
    • verify customer registration form;
    • define negotiation autonomy;
    • deliver products sold;
    • integrate new employees;
    • demonstrate persuasiveness;
    • research competitors' actions;
    • participate in related fairs;
    • advise salespeople on the sale;
    • forward customer for registration;
    • prepare reports and statistics;
    • suggest new consumer markets;
    • overcoming adverse situations;
    • demonstrate time management skills;
    • define market share;
    • report visits;
    • participate in new product launch;
    • explain the purpose of the visit;
    • manage funds;
    • give feedback on suggestions to the customer;
    • receive product payment;
    • charge delinquent customers;
    • visit after-sales customer;
    • discriminate types of services;
    • control sales made;
    • request consumables;
    • take product orders;
    • generate demand for products;
    • demonstrate time management ability;
    • invite customers to visit company;
    • display price lists;
    • complete contract;
    • sort customers by lead;
    • check product delivery time;
    • check for delinquent customers;
    • train new employees;
    • demonstrate time management ability;
    • control customer satisfaction survey questionnaire;
    • receive referrals from future customers;
    • prepare new customer registration;
    • send direct mail to customers;
    • fulfill customer request;
    • demonstrate confidence;
    • explain payment methods;
    • assist in choosing products;
    • clarify technical data of the product to the customer;
    • display products in locations defined by the company;
    • organize work material;
    • invite customers to launch products;
    • participate in lectures related to the area;
    • identify customer needs;
    • demonstrate product features and benefits;
    • demonstrate ethical sense;
    • contact clients;
    • coordinate technical advice to the customer;
    • intermediate scientific support for clients;
    • deliver gifts to the customer;
    • communicate changes to products and/or services to customers;
    • search competitors' actions;
    • check the delivery time of the products;
    • report product irregularities;
    • demonstrate negotiation skills;
    • demonstrate creativity;
    • plan work sequence;
    • demonstrate flexibility;
    • guide customer and reseller in display distribution;
    • disclose scientific events;
    • participate in sales technique training;
    • analyze potential customers;
    • check for irregularities in the delivery of products;
    • issue sales receipt;
    • meet product sales quotas;
    • transmit sales order to main office;
    • clarify doubts about the contract;
    • demonstrate resilience;
    • discuss strategies with superior;
    • provide samples;
    • schedule appointment;
    • receive referrals from future clients;
    • define marketing strategy;
    • send gifts to the customer;
    • give feedback to the customer;

    Sectors that hire Propaganda of pharmaceutical products the most in the job market

    • wholesale of medicines and drugs for human use
    • manufacture of allopathic medicines for human use
    • combined office and administrative support services
    • wholesale of cosmetics and perfumery products
    • trade representatives and trade agents for medicines, cosmetics and perfumery products
    • sales promotion
    • other professional, scientific and technical activities
    • pharmaceuticals retail trade, with formula manipulation
    • manpower selection and agency
    • other service activities provided mainly to companies

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