Real estate advisor - Salary and Career

Real estate advisor - Career description, activities, functions and salary

Intermediate purchase, sale, exchange, lease and property management and request documentation. To this end, they interview clients, research the market and capture properties and develop marketing strategies. Can advise clients after transaction.

How much does an Real estate advisor earn

A Real estate advisor earns between $1.210 and $4.336 per month, with an average monthly salary of $1.882 and a median salary of $1.500 according to an salary survey along with to data of professionals hired and fired by companies in the labor market.

Our research is based on the salaries of 2.925 professionals hired and dismissed by the period from 06/2021 to 05/2022 (last year).

Salary ranges for the Real estate advisor

Monthly Salary Annual Salary Salary Per Week Hourly Salary
Average wage 1.882 22.586 471 9
1º Quartile 1.210 14.518 302 6
Median Salary 1.500 18.000 375 7
3º Quartile 3.307 39.680 827 15
Higher Salary 4.336 52.030 1.084 20

Professional job categories

  • Middle level technicians
    • medium level technicians in administrative sciences
      • middle level technicians in business operations
        • realtors

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Main workplaces

Realtors they work in real estate, as self-employed, employees or employers. The work is in person or at a distance, it can be carried out individually or in a team, with or without supervision. They work indoors, in the open or in vehicles, without obeying schedules. Workers work under pressure, which can lead to stress. In some activities they are subject to the sun, rain and discomfort of booths.

What does it take to work in the field of Realtors

The exercise of this occupation requires a high school technical course and registration with CRECI.

Functions and activities of Real estate advisor

Realtors must:

  • interview clients;
  • captar im�veis;
  • interview customers;
  • demonstrate personal competencies;
  • demonstrate personal skills;
  • search market;
  • interviewing clients;
  • elaborate marketing strategies;
  • advise clients after transaction;
  • intermediate purchase, sale, exchange, lease and property management;
  • captar properties;
  • market research;
  • request documentation;
  • advising customers after transaction;

  • Activities

    • know notions of real estate law;
    • know notions of human relations;
    • set fees;
    • formalize the transaction proposal;
    • determine the sale value of the properties;
    • inventory properties with furniture, equipment and accessories ;
    • maintain posture;
    • show properties;
    • educate clients about region zoning restrictions;
    • visit the region;
    • approach the parties for the conclusion of business;
    • know notions of topography, land quality and types of culture (rural properties);
    • require additional documents for negotiation;
    • offering business options with real estate;
    • write ads for newspapers and magazines;
    • transmit security;
    • have general knowledge;
    • monitor the delivery of the property;
    • examine documents of properties and parts;
    • interpret architectural designs;
    • demonstrate logical reasoning;
    • updating the customer record;
    • earn credibility;
    • set availability of properties on site;
    • adapt values and payment terms to the market;
    • reconcile conflicts;
    • use region zoning;
    • keep looking good;
    • build links with the client;
    • speak a second language;
    • demonstrate business acumen;
    • define the media (tracks, signs, newspapers, magazines, tv, internet, outdoor etc.);
    • create promotional material;
    • consult information sources;
    • visit properties;
    • check the physical conditions of the properties;
    • select properties according to customer needs;
    • identify the profile, potential and needs of customers;
    • fill in the customer registration form;
    • demonstrate punctuality;
    • maintain business confidentiality;
    • demonstrate politeness;
    • negotiate values and conditions of the proposal;
    • distinguish zone zoning;
    • expose the object of the transaction clearly and truthfully;
    • perform financial calculations;
    • inspect properties;
    • demonstrate visual and auditory memories;
    • offer new business;
    • request authorization for disclosure;
    • combine ways of working with the owner;
    • request referrals from new clients;
    • keep up to date;
    • register properties;
    • define search region;
    • speak correctly;
    • authorize disclosure;
    • get general information about the region;
    • operate equipment;
    • perform targeted local market research;
    • market real estate;
    • monitor documentation progress;
    • clear questions from customers;
    • display the transaction contracts;
    • demonstrate professional ethics;

    Sectors that hire Real estate advisor the most in the job market

    • brokerage in the purchase and sale and valuation of property
    • property rental brokerage
    • real estate property management and administration
    • incorporation of real estate enterprises
    • building construction
    • purchase and sale of owned properties
    • own property rental
    • document preparation and specialized administrative support services
    • intermediation activities and agency services and business in general
    • combined office and administrative support services

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