Restorative architect - Salary and Career
Architects and Urban Planners

Restorative architect - Career description, activities, functions and salary

They prepare plans and projects associated with architecture in all its stages, defining materials, finishes, techniques, methodologies, analyzing data and information. They supervise and execute works and services, develop financial, economic and environmental feasibility studies. They can provide consultancy and advisory services, as well as establish management policies.

How much does an Restorative architect earn

A Restorative architect earns between $1.654 and $17.181 per month, with an average monthly salary of $5.996 and a median salary of $5.000 according to an salary survey along with to data of professionals hired and fired by companies in the labor market.

Our research is based on the salaries of 132 professionals hired and dismissed by the period from 06/2021 to 05/2022 (last year).

Salary ranges for the Restorative architect

Monthly Salary Annual Salary Salary Per Week Hourly Salary
Average wage 5.996 71.949 1.499 29
1º Quartile 1.654 19.844 413 8
Median Salary 5.000 60.000 1.250 24
3º Quartile 13.103 157.238 3.276 64
Higher Salary 17.181 206.175 4.295 84

Professional job categories

  • Science and arts professionals
    • professionals of the exact sciences, physics and engineering
      • engineers, architects
        • architects and urban planners

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Main workplaces

Architects and Urban Planners work is carried out in economic activities such as civil construction, real estate, industrial and service companies, as an employee or self-employed, providing services. They are most frequently found in medium and large companies and offices in the private sector, in companies and administrative bodies in the public sector, in research and urban planning institutes, in institutions linked to historical heritage and in the environmental area. His work is developed both individually and as part of a specialized or multidisciplinary team.

What does it take to work in the field of Architects and Urban Planners

For the exercise of occupations, a complete higher education course in architecture and urbanism is required, with professionals with specialization and/or postgraduate courses.

Functions and activities of Restorative architect

Architects and Urban Planners must:

  • develop feasibility studies;
  • promote architectural and urban planning services;
  • promote the provision of architecture and urban planning services;
  • order territory use and occupancy;
  • order territory use and occupation;
  • manage the execution of works and services;
  • promote the provision of architecture and urbanism services;
  • establishing management policies;
  • inspect works and services;
  • providing consulting and advisory services;
  • establish management policies;
  • manage execution of works and services;
  • provide consulting and advisory services;
  • elaborate plans, programs and projects;
  • demonstrate personal skills;
  • develop plans, programs and projects;

  • Activities

    • pre-dimension the proposed enterprise;
    • implement security parameters;
    • elaborate municipal land registry;
    • elaborate preliminary and alternative studies;
    • make plans, programs and sector projects compatible;
    • ensure the quality of services;
    • coordinate teams of plans, programs and projects;
    • demonstrate aesthetic sensitivity;
    • establish guidelines for environmental legislation;
    • establishing guidelines for environmental legislation;
    • manage conflicts;
    • promote studies and research in architecture and urbanism;
    • give a guarantee of the services provided;
    • elaborate diagnosis;
    • work in multidisciplinary teams;
    • compatible complementary projects;
    • inspect works and services regarding the physical, financial and legal progress;
    • select service providers, labor and suppliers;
    • develop project budget;
    • establish guidelines for the preservation of historical and cultural heritage;
    • define materials;
    • demonstrate synthesis ability;
    • seek an architectural concept compatible with the demand;
    • adjust project to unforeseen events;
    • manage information and miscellaneous activities;
    • deliver the executed work;
    • elaborate master and sector plans;
    • elaborate master and sectoral plans;
    • transmit security;
    • ensure fidelity to the project;
    • establish programs for security, maintenance and control of spaces and structures;
    • establishing guidelines for the preservation of historical and cultural heritage;
    • establishing guidelines for urban planning legislation;
    • define guidelines for use and occupation of space;
    • register technical responsibility (art);
    • evaluate project implementation alternatives;
    • deliver the work performed;
    • elaborate methodology;
    • seek project approval from the competent bodies;
    • systematize existing legislation;
    • inspect works and services regarding physical, financial and legal progress;
    • promote integration between community and built assets;
    • prepare physical and financial schedule;
    • deliver the completed work;
    • perform repairs and warranty services of the work;
    • establish guidelines for urban planning legislation;
    • exhibit creativity;
    • analyze documentation of the proposed project;
    • evaluate methods and technical solutions;
    • commercialize architectural and urban services;
    • promoting communication between society and public and private entities;
    • compatible sectoral policies;
    • promote integration between community and plans, programs and projects;
    • define techniques;
    • approve the materials and systems involved in the work;
    • approve the services performed;
    • elaborate municipal land registry;
    • express ideas graphically;
    • elaborate the constructive technical detailing;
    • define project concept;
    • monitor execution of specific services;
    • prove spatial perception;
    • perform a post-occupancy study;
    • enabling society to participate in public policies;
    • coordinate plan, program and project teams;
    • develop user manual;
    • follow legal requirements for guaranteeing the services provided;
    • demonstrate aesthetic sensitivity;
    • elaborate municipal master plan/pddu;
    • coordinating teams of plans, programs and projects;
    • analyze existing legislation;
    • monitor the implementation of urban legislation;
    • identify financing alternatives;
    • disclose the work of architecture and urbanism;
    • identify service opportunities;
    • prepare reports, expertise and technical opinions;
    • establish guidelines for urban legislation;
    • elaborate the specifications;
    • elaborate the constructive technical details;
    • analyze data and information;
    • follow legal requirements for the guarantee of the services provided;
    • make measurements of the service performed;
    • monitor quality control of materials and services;
    • demonstrate social commitment;
    • perform measurements of the service performed;
    • elaborate conclusive feasibility reports;
    • commercialize architectural and urban planning services;
    • check the adequacy of the project to the legislation, environmental and institutional conditions;
    • collect information and data;
    • monitor implementation of programs, plans and projects;
    • identify customer/user needs;
    • identify operationalization alternatives;
    • propose legislation and urban instruments;
    • check measurements;
    • advising the formulation of public policies;

    Sectors that hire Restorative architect the most in the job market

    • building construction
    • combined office and administrative support services
    • architectural services
    • non-hazardous waste collection
    • general public administration
    • holdings of non-financial institutions
    • temporary labor lease
    • snack bars, tea houses, juice houses and the like
    • real estate property management and administration
    • multiple banks, with commercial portfolio

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