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Human Resources and Labor Relations Managers

Salary and benefits planning manager - Career description, activities, functions and salary

They manage activities of departments or personnel services, recruitment and selection, positions and salaries, benefits, training and development, leading and facilitating the development of the work of teams. They advise the board and sectors of the company in activities such as planning, hiring, negotiations of human and labor relations. They work in corporate and community events, representing the company.

How much does an Salary and benefits planning manager earn

A Salary and benefits planning manager earns between $2.046 and $23.916 per month, with an average monthly salary of $8.001 and a median salary of $5.500 according to an salary survey along with to data of professionals hired and fired by companies in the labor market.

Our research is based on the salaries of 14.134 professionals hired and dismissed by the period from 06/2021 to 05/2022 (last year).

Salary ranges for the Salary and benefits planning manager

Monthly Salary Annual Salary Salary Per Week Hourly Salary
Average wage 8.001 96.010 2.000 38
1º Quartile 2.046 24.549 511 10
Median Salary 5.500 66.000 1.375 26
3º Quartile 18.239 218.870 4.560 87
Higher Salary 23.916 286.989 5.979 114

Professional job categories

  • Senior members of the public power, managers of public interest organizations and companies, managers
    • managers
      • support area managers
        • human resources and labor relations managers

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Main workplaces

Human Resources and Labor Relations Managers professionals can exercise their functions in a wide range of economic activities within commerce, industry, services and agriculture. They work as employees in private or public companies, generally medium and large. There are records of outsourcing of recruitment, selection and training services, which can lead to the disappearance of the area in the organization chart of several companies and its resurgence in others, in those subcontracted.

What does it take to work in the field of Human Resources and Labor Relations Managers

Family occupations are performed by professionals who have at least completed higher education, graduated in any field of knowledge, with experience or complementary training predominantly in the areas of psychology or administration. It is desirable that the occupations be carried out by professionals with four to five years of experience in the area of human resources.

Functions and activities of Salary and benefits planning manager

Human Resources and Labor Relations Managers must:

  • coordinate recruitment and selection;
  • manage training and development activities;
  • demonstrate personal skills;
  • manage jobs and salaries;
  • coordinate recruitment and selection of personnel;
  • manage personnel department activities;
  • control benefits;
  • advise management and company sectors;
  • manage personnel activities;
  • acting in events;
  • advise board and sectors of the company;
  • advise the company's management and sectors;
  • act in events;
  • coordinate personnel recruitment and selection;
  • advise the company's board of directors and sectors;
  • acting events;

  • Activities

    • planning community meetings;
    • master it;
    • develop recruitment and selection alternatives;
    • develop career plan;
    • supervise administrative routines;
    • coordinate application of tests and exams for candidates;
    • define forms of disclosure for recruitment;
    • recycle yourself constantly;
    • coordinate curriculum analysis;
    • manage effective number of employees (headaccount);
    • manage payroll;
    • control contracts with suppliers;
    • develop empathy;
    • perform a cost-benefit analysis in human resources;
    • mediate relationship between employees and company;
    • develop organizational standards and procedures for training;
    • measure training results and costs;
    • develop incentive and motivational plans;
    • search benefit plans;
    • manage intern and third party contracts;
    • manage salary survey;
    • play a facilitating role;
    • manage job descriptions;
    • implement career plan;
    • prepare report to the board;
    • control benefits with public bodies;
    • develop procedures to comply with collective agreements;
    • promoting social campaigns;
    • hire consultants for recruitment and selection;
    • organize benefit plan;
    • manage compensation structure;
    • issue an opinion on the candidate's profile;
    • demonstrate professional ethics;
    • analyze salary search results;
    • participate in meetings with the board or management;
    • evaluate selection process;
    • planning meetings with other entities;
    • manage job organization chart;
    • arrange for the payment of social charges;
    • negotiate agreements with unions and labor relations;
    • coordinate training needs survey;
    • participating in discussion groups in the hr area;
    • manage personnel hiring and termination;
    • promote prevention programs;
    • design programs for educational development;
    • represent the company publicly;
    • advise managers on psychosocial problems of employees;
    • advise in the preparation of budget targets;
    • demonstrate assertiveness;
    • demonstrate ease of communication;
    • advise in the preparation and implementation of the company's strategic plan;
    • advise other areas on relevant hr legislation;
    • serve employees and dependents;
    • analyze employment contracts;
    • create job organization chart;
    • manage legal documents;
    • provide information to labor inspection;
    • demonstrate negotiation skills;
    • scheduling corporate events;
    • interview candidates;
    • consolidate training plan;
    • make didactic-pedagogical resources available;
    • evaluate potential employees for internal use;
    • identify the need to hire personnel;
    • provide the management with personnel-related information;
    • become an agent of change;
    • demonstrate ability to work in a team;
    • negotiate contracts with suppliers;
    • participating in seminars in the area;
    • manage labor cost;
    • reveal leadership spirit;
    • manage labor claims;
    • hire training consultants;
    • manage personnel movement;
    • be part of the program for total quality certification;
    • search internally for satisfaction of benefit users;
    • prepare a statistical report;
    • consult legal sources;
    • advise events in other areas;
    • conduct meetings, lectures and training;
    • demonstrate entrepreneurial ability;
    • analyze employee promotion proposal;
    • participate in discussion groups in the hr area;

    Sectors that hire Salary and benefits planning manager the most in the job market

    • combined office and administrative support services
    • accounting activities
    • road transport of cargo, except dangerous goods and removals, intercity, interstate and international
    • hospital care activities
    • temporary labor lease
    • building construction
    • intermediation activities and agency services and business in general
    • business management consulting activities
    • development of computer programs and software in general
    • holdings of non-financial institutions

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