Scale operator (concrete) - Salary and Career
Workers in the operation of ready-mixed concrete machines

Scale operator (concrete) - Career description, activities, functions and salary

They schedule the production and supply of concrete and mix their aggregates. They prepare the environment, work equipment and concrete inputs. They unload and pump the concrete.

How much does an Scale operator (concrete) earn

A Scale operator (concrete) earns between $1.339 and $3.765 per month, with an average monthly salary of $1.978 and a median salary of $1.841 according to an salary survey along with to data of professionals hired and fired by companies in the labor market.

Our research is based on the salaries of 1.711 professionals hired and dismissed by the period from 06/2021 to 05/2022 (last year).

Salary ranges for the Scale operator (concrete)

Monthly Salary Annual Salary Salary Per Week Hourly Salary
Average wage 1.978 23.742 495 9
1º Quartile 1.339 16.066 335 6
Median Salary 1.841 22.090 460 8
3º Quartile 2.871 34.456 718 13
Higher Salary 3.765 45.180 941 17

Professional job categories

  • Workers in the production of industrial goods and services
    • extractive industry and construction workers
      • construction and public works workers
        • workers in the operation of ready-mixed concrete machines

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Main workplaces

Workers in the operation of ready-mixed concrete machines they work in construction companies as salaried employees with a formal contract. They can also work in wholesale trade and real estate activities. The work is carried out in a team with permanent supervision, it is in person, carried out at irregular times, in a closed environment - concrete plant operator, and in the open - concrete pump and concrete mixer operators. They work under pressure, which can lead to constant stress and exposure to intense noise. The concrete plant operator can work in a confined location. Concrete pump and concrete mixer operators are subject to dust and being hit by objects, hazards inherent to work carried out in urban traffic are also part of their work routine. In the case of the concrete pump operator, his work can also be carried out at great heights.

What does it take to work in the field of Workers in the operation of ready-mixed concrete machines

For the exercise of these occupations, schooling between the fourth and seventh grades of elementary school is required, except for the concrete plant operator who has completed elementary school. Professional qualifications are also required as follows: basic courses of up to two hundred hours for a concrete mixer operator, two hundred to four hundred hours, for a concrete plant operator and more than four hundred hours, for a concrete pump operator. The full exercise of activities occurs with less than one year of professional experience for a concrete mixer operator, and one to two years for concrete pump and concrete plant operators.

Functions and activities of Scale operator (concrete)

Workers in the operation of ready-mixed concrete machines must:

  • unload the concrete;
  • pumping concrete;
  • mix concrete aggregates;
  • prepare inputs;
  • prepare the work environment and equipment;
  • prepare the environment and work equipment;
  • mixing concrete aggregates;
  • schedule the production and supply of concrete;
  • prepare the inputs;
  • schedule concrete production and supply;
  • unload concrete;
  • pump concrete;
  • demonstrate personal skills;

  • Activities

    • analyze the trace (fck);
    • consult tables and reports;
    • set the type of machine;
    • control the discharge volume through rotation;
    • predict time and itinerary for transportation;
    • fill concrete mixer with water;
    • demonstrate numerical skills;
    • collect crane and pump support legs;
    • unclogging pump pipe;
    • collect concrete sample for laboratory;
    • collect input samples for analysis;
    • inspect the electrical, mechanical and hydraulic system of the equipment;
    • keep up to date in your career;
    • work under pressure;
    • check concrete density;
    • mounting spouts on the truck;
    • establish the production schedule;
    • set the place to mount the pump;
    • identify pumping failures;
    • refuel the equipment;
    • fill the concrete mixer with inputs;
    • start concrete mixer;
    • dismantle pipe;
    • analyzing the concrete mix;
    • pump concrete;
    • evaluate the amount of water in the concrete;
    • clean spouts and concrete mixer;
    • list inputs;
    • wash pump with water;
    • position the concrete pump;
    • select equipment and accessories;
    • position the truck for unloading;
    • evaluate work order;
    • register loading and unloading times;
    • control the output of concrete from the plant to the work;
    • control the opening of the floodgates through panels;
    • assembling pipes to pump concrete;
    • quantify the weight and volume of the inputs;
    • measure inputs according to the trace;
    • register concrete unloading time according to the deadline;
    • wash pipe with water;
    • pause the concrete pump;
    • check tire and oil and water level;
    • work as a team;
    • check input stock;
    • describe the malfunctions for equipment maintenance;
    • reverse concrete mixer rotation;
    • schedule the concrete inputs;
    • pumping lubrication mortar pump pipe;
    • demonstrate initiative;
    • analyze the humidity of the sand;
    • register customer orders;
    • stop pumping;
    • testing the equipment's operation;
    • prepare the pump pipe lubrication mortar;
    • check access to unloading location;
    • testing the equipment operation;
    • be careful;
    • test the equipment's operation;
    • control the acceleration and pressure of the pump;
    • level the concrete pump;
    • demonstrate responsibility;
    • demonstrate a sense of organization;

    Sectors that hire Scale operator (concrete) the most in the job market

    • preparation of mass of concrete and mortar for construction
    • specialized construction services
    • manufacture of precast reinforced concrete structures, in series and on order
    • other civil engineering works
    • building construction
    • building highways and railways
    • manufacture of cement artifacts for use in construction
    • special artworks construction
    • general building material retail trade
    • foundations works

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