Seedling producer (forests) - Salary and Career
Multipurpose Forest Workers

Seedling producer (forests) - Career description, activities, functions and salary

They manage natural resources. They produce seedlings, perform plant maintenance and manipulate medicinal plants. They guide people in forests and fields and provide services and products. They work following safety, hygiene and environmental protection standards.

How much does an Seedling producer (forests) earn

A Seedling producer (forests) earns between $1.112 and $2.213 per month, with an average monthly salary of $1.331 and a median salary of $1.258 according to an salary survey along with to data of professionals hired and fired by companies in the labor market.

Our research is based on the salaries of 2.742 professionals hired and dismissed by the period from 06/2021 to 05/2022 (last year).

Salary ranges for the Seedling producer (forests)

Monthly Salary Annual Salary Salary Per Week Hourly Salary
Average wage 1.331 15.977 333 6
1º Quartile 1.112 13.348 278 5
Median Salary 1.258 15.096 315 6
3º Quartile 1.688 20.255 422 8
Higher Salary 2.213 26.559 553 10

Professional job categories

  • Agricultural, forestry and fisheries workers
    • fishermen and forestry extractors
      • forest extractives
        • multipurpose forest workers

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Main workplaces

Multipurpose Forest Workers they work in agriculture and forestry as employees with a formal contract or self-employed or self-employed. They can also work in the area of health and social services and cultural and sporting recreational activities. The work is individual (raizeiro), in a team with permanent supervision (forest nursery) and without supervision (forest guide). They develop their activities during the day. The herbalist works in a closed environment, the forest guide and the forest nursery, in the open. The latter remains in uncomfortable positions for long periods, works at great heights and is exposed to the action of toxic materials. The forest guide and the healer are at risk of attacks by venomous and wild animals.

What does it take to work in the field of Multipurpose Forest Workers

For the exercise of these occupations, incomplete elementary education (raizeiro and forest nursery) or complete (forestry guide) and a basic professional qualification course with approximately two hundred class hours are required. The full performance of the activities occurs in up to five years of professional experience.

Functions and activities of Seedling producer (forests)

Multipurpose Forest Workers must:

  • manejo natural resources;
  • provide services and products;
  • manipulate medicinal plants;
  • manage natural resources;
  • manipulating medicinal plants;
  • managing natural resources;
  • perform plant maintenance;
  • available services and products;
  • guiding people in forests and fields;
  • manejar natural resources;
  • produce seedlings;
  • guide people in forests and fields;
  • demonstrate personal skills;

  • Activities

    • sanding seeds;
    • mixing active plant ingredients with liquid substances;
    • report environmental irregularities;
    • check use of safety and protection equipment;
    • forming groups;
    • describing itineraries;
    • indicating damaged areas and at risk of accidents;
    • organizing logistics;
    • clear trails and pathways;
    • classify plants;
    • divide clumps;
    • macerate plants;
    • work as a team;
    • recommend the use of medicinal plants;
    • bury bottles;
    • assist in research development;
    • sell products and services;
    • apply antkillers;
    • store equipment and accessories;
    • prove motor agility;
    • build seedbeds, beds and covers;
    • fill containers with mixed soil;
    • control seedling irrigation;
    • distribute plants and preparations;
    • assist in monitoring environmental irregularities;
    • prove physical endurance;
    • pruning seedlings;
    • clear paths and paths;
    • pull weeds;
    • peak seedlings;
    • infuse leaves and flowers;
    • weeding beds;
    • pay attention to details;
    • assist in research development;
    • opening paths;
    • assistant in loading plants;
    • distribute layers of gravel, sand, raw earth and mixed earth;
    • boiling plants;
    • transplant seedlings;
    • organizing group activities;
    • identify pests;
    • show courage;
    • plan trail rotation;
    • sieve earth;
    • collect seeds;
    • building protection barriers in risk areas;
    • set up light traps;
    • wash plants;
    • disseminate environmental education information;
    • scarify beds;
    • cool seeds;
    • indicate species of flora and fauna;
    • consult the ministry of health's list of medicinal plants;
    • build seedbeds, beds and hedges;
    • tearing roots;
    • placing nameplates on plants;
    • water seeds and seedlings;
    • sharpen areas;
    • demonstrate a sense of direction in forests and fields;
    • react to adverse situations;
    • smoke room;
    • clearing paths and paths;
    • provide base ingredients;
    • scrape plant bark;
    • extract tinctures from plants;
    • spray fungicides and herbicides;
    • demonstrate sense of direction in forests and fields;
    • performing first aid procedures;
    • demonstrate sensitivity to nature;
    • plant seeds, clumps and cuttings;
    • demonstrate solidarity;
    • developing itineraries;
    • open grooves for drainage;
    • drying plant parts;
    • store plants and preparations;
    • heating seeds;
    • plan extraction of seeds and plants;
    • collect leaves, flowers and fruits;
    • locate fires;
    • marinate seeds in water;
    • benzer plants;
    • disclose products and services;
    • fertilize seedlings;
    • grind plants;
    • select seeds and seedlings;
    • register input and output of plants and preparations;
    • monitoring tour groups;
    • identify medicinal attributes of plants;
    • fence conservation areas;
    • cutting plant cuttings;
    • package plants and preparations;
    • mixing soil and fertilizers;

    Sectors that hire Seedling producer (forests) the most in the job market

    • cultivation of seedlings in forest nurseries
    • support activities for forestry production
    • production of seedlings and other forms of plant propagation, certified
    • eucalyptus cultivation
    • temporary labor lease
    • wholesale of seeds, flowers, plants and grasses
    • wood and artifacts retail trade
    • growing flowers and ornamental plants
    • pine cultivation
    • retailer of natural plants and flowers

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