Shopping supervisor - Salary and Career

Shopping supervisor - Career description, activities, functions and salary

They receive purchase requisitions, carry out the quotation process and complete the purchase of services, products, raw materials and equipment for the wholesale and retail trade, for industries, companies, public and private agencies. They accompany the flow of deliveries, develop suppliers of materials and services, supervise staff and purchase processes. They prepare reports and act as an interlocutor between requesters and suppliers.

How much does an Shopping supervisor earn

A Shopping supervisor earns between $1.594 and $12.559 per month, with an average monthly salary of $4.401 and a median salary of $3.000 according to an salary survey along with to data of professionals hired and fired by companies in the labor market.

Our research is based on the salaries of 4.680 professionals hired and dismissed by the period from 06/2021 to 05/2022 (last year).

Salary ranges for the Shopping supervisor

Monthly Salary Annual Salary Salary Per Week Hourly Salary
Average wage 4.401 52.810 1.100 20
1º Quartile 1.594 19.123 398 7
Median Salary 3.000 36.000 750 14
3º Quartile 9.578 114.935 2.394 45
Higher Salary 12.559 150.707 3.140 58

Professional job categories

  • Middle level technicians
    • medium level technicians in administrative sciences
      • middle level technicians in business operations
        • buyers

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Main workplaces

Buyers they work in agribusiness, wholesale and retail trade, industries and the service sector. They are salaried employees, with a formal contract, they work individually, under supervision, in closed environments, during the day. It is common to spend a lot of time sitting, in uncomfortable positions, on the phone and subject to pressures that can cause stress.

What does it take to work in the field of Buyers

The exercise of these occupations requires secondary education to incomplete higher education, depending on the nature of the products purchased. The full performance of the activities occurs after three to four years (buyer) and another five years (sales supervisor) of experience in the area.

Functions and activities of Shopping supervisor

Buyers must:

  • supervise team and purchasing processes;
  • develop material and service providers;
  • follow up delivery flow;
  • follow up delivery;
  • develop suppliers of materials and services;
  • complete the purchase of materials or services;
  • monitor flow of deliveries (follow up);
  • run quotation process;
  • receive purchase requisitions for materials or services;
  • developing suppliers of materials and services;
  • communicate;
  • supervise team and purchase processes;
  • run quote process;
  • demonstrate personal skills;
  • execute quotation process;
  • monitor delivery flow (follow up);
  • completing the purchase of materials or services;
  • develop materials and services suppliers;

  • Activities

    • order samples or catalogs of materials or services;
    • communicate to departments about purchases made;
    • participate in the approval of suppliers, materials and services;
    • prepare price change reports;
    • consult sources of information about suppliers;
    • nominate employees for promotion;
    • providing the replacement of materials or services under warranty;
    • update with the market and technological changes;
    • charge delivery of materials or services;
    • act with emotional balance;
    • group requisitions by branch or segment of materials or services;
    • demonstrate proactivity;
    • check the existence of funds;
    • visiting fairs and exhibitions;
    • work ethically;
    • define the supplier;
    • analyze quotes;
    • suggest material or service options to the applicant;
    • write communications and correspondence;
    • hold meetings to evaluate work and motivate employees;
    • demonstrate ability in financial calculations;
    • demonstrate objectivity;
    • prepare employee performance reports;
    • rationalize the flow of procedures;
    • check the delivery time of materials or services;
    • demonstrate initiative;
    • register requisitions;
    • forward materials or services for testing;
    • evaluating the performance of suppliers;
    • signing a contract for the purchase of materials or services;
    • demonstrate a sense of observation (be observant);
    • check quantities of materials or services requested;
    • stipulating the terms of the purchase agreement;
    • registering suppliers;
    • propose courses or training for employees;
    • follow safety, health and environmental standards;
    • deal with internal and external pressures;
    • provide for the replacement of materials or services under warranty;
    • determine date for submission of quotations;
    • check material or service specifications;
    • control the processes of acquisition of materials or services;
    • interviewing suppliers;
    • negotiate prices, payment terms and conditions with suppliers;
    • collaborate on budget planning;
    • return rejected materials;
    • identify families (branches) of materials or services;
    • select suppliers;
    • check the delivery of materials or services;
    • issuing a purchase order;
    • obtain delivery location information;
    • instruct on procedures for the purchasing area;
    • approve purchase orders;
    • ensure compliance with internal rules;
    • demonstrate resourcefulness to communicate;
    • prepare supplier visit reports;
    • check inventories;
    • notify users and suppliers of rejected materials;
    • review open orders;
    • search for supplier references;
    • confirm purchase order;
    • monitor the new delivery of materials;
    • organize competition processes;
    • mount quotation sheets;
    • archive purchasing processes;
    • participate in the selection of employees;
    • prepare material non-compliance reports;
    • negotiate damages resulting from rejected materials;
    • interpret texts;
    • open bids;
    • choose the best trading conditions;
    • identify items with higher consumption;
    • request quotes;
    • stay versatile and dynamic;
    • propose the development of new or alternative materials;
    • send purchase order or contract for approval;
    • updating the supplier register;
    • request samples or catalogs of materials or services;
    • prepare reports to monitor the purchase process;
    • schedule a technical visit to the supplier;
    • organize competition processes;
    • evaluate employee performance;
    • research supplier references;

    Sectors that hire Shopping supervisor the most in the job market

    • combined office and administrative support services
    • temporary labor lease
    • retail merchandise in general, with predominance of food products - supermarkets
    • building construction
    • road transport of cargo, except dangerous goods and removals, intercity, interstate and international
    • retailer of clothing and accessories
    • retailer of other used goods
    • hospital care activities
    • restaurants and similar
    • engineering services

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