Winch helper - Salary and Career
Cargo Handling Equipment Operators

Winch helper - Career description, activities, functions and salary

They prepare cargo handling and move it. They organize cargo, interpreting packaging symbols, storing according to the product's shelf life, identifying cargo characteristics for transport and storage and separating non-conforming cargo. Perform scheduled maintenance on equipment for cargo handling. They work following safety, hygiene, quality and environmental protection standards.

How much does an Winch helper earn

A Winch helper earns between $1.328 and $3.355 per month, with an average monthly salary of $1.862 and a median salary of $1.778 according to an salary survey along with to data of professionals hired and fired by companies in the labor market.

Our research is based on the salaries of 5.762 professionals hired and dismissed by the period from 06/2021 to 05/2022 (last year).

Salary ranges for the Winch helper

Monthly Salary Annual Salary Salary Per Week Hourly Salary
Average wage 1.862 22.350 466 9
1º Quartile 1.328 15.933 332 6
Median Salary 1.778 21.336 445 8
3º Quartile 2.559 30.708 640 12
Higher Salary 3.355 40.265 839 15

Professional job categories

  • Workers in the production of industrial goods and services
    • cross function workers
      • vehicle drivers and operators of lifting and cargo handling equipment
        • cargo handling equipment operators

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Main workplaces

Cargo Handling Equipment Operators they operate in the most diverse economic activities, among them: in mineral extraction, in stone, marble and granite processing, in civil construction, in the manufacture of chemical products, food and beverage products, wood products and basic metallurgy, as employees with a formal contract. signed. The work is face-to-face, carried out individually, under permanent supervision, in shifts and can be indoors, outdoors or in vehicles. They remain in uncomfortable positions for long periods, work under pressure, which can lead to stress, and are exposed to toxic materials, intense noise and high or low temperatures.

What does it take to work in the field of Cargo Handling Equipment Operators

For the exercise of these occupations, the fourth grade of elementary school and a basic professional qualification course of around two hundred class hours are required. The full performance of the activities occurs with up to one year of professional experience.

Functions and activities of Winch helper

Cargo Handling Equipment Operators must:

  • organize cargo;
  • prepare cargo movements;
  • work safely;
  • perform planned maintenance on equipment for moving loads;
  • move load;
  • prepare cargo handling;
  • organize work environment;
  • move cargo;
  • prepare load movements;
  • arrange load;
  • perform planned maintenance on cargo handling equipment;
  • perform scheduled maintenance on equipment for moving loads;
  • demonstrate personal skills;

  • Activities

    • keep the environment clean;
    • identify equipment undergoing maintenance;
    • inspect the cargo securing place;
    • interpret the packaging symbology;
    • delimit area for cargo handling;
    • program movement sequence;
    • unload programmed items;
    • identify malfunctions and malfunctions;
    • identify cargo handled;
    • adjust equipment;
    • request floor adequacy for forklift handling;
    • work with focused attention;
    • remove obstacles from the work environment;
    • move load according to specific safety standards;
    • work as a team;
    • demonstrate manual dexterity;
    • select handling equipment according to load;
    • inspect basic operating items of load handling equipment ;
    • identify load moved;
    • certify yourself for handling special loads;
    • interpret codes for cargo handling;
    • show initiative;
    • use personal safety equipment (ppe);
    • prove motor coordination;
    • demonstrate reliability in the development of your work;
    • identify cargo characteristics for transport and storage;
    • store cargo according to product shelf life;
    • use the handling equipment accessories according to the type of load;
    • certify yourself as a cargo handling operator;
    • interpret work orders;
    • self-assess psychophysical conditions before performing work;
    • predict materials for storage (stratum, bedding);
    • check contents, weight and volumes of loads;
    • check expiration dates;
    • require maintenance;
    • work as a team;
    • select handling equipment according to the load;
    • load load according to schedule;
    • separate accessories from equipment;
    • identify unsafe situations;
    • consult manufacturers' instructions for use and maintenance of equipment;
    • load the equipment according to its capacity;
    • lubricate equipment;
    • participate in training (training and updating);
    • monitor operating conditions of the equipment during operation;
    • separate nonconforming load;
    • visually inspect the loading and unloading of services;
    • inspect the cargo stowage place;
    • test equipment operation;
    • control equipment operating speed and direction;

    Sectors that hire Winch helper the most in the job market

    • building construction
    • incorporation of real estate enterprises
    • engineering services
    • lease of construction machinery and equipment without operator
    • road transport of cargo, except dangerous goods and removals, intercity, interstate and international
    • road, bridge, tunnel and related services concessionaires
    • masonry works
    • operation services and supply of equipment for transporting and lifting loads and people for use in works
    • retailer of other products
    • vehicle towing services

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